Comfort or Style?

I didn’t really do anything today apart from be a potato couch and just watch movies all day so I’ll do an outfit post for last week Wednesday when I went to watch Eclipse (:(NB: Here’s a photo where I’m smiling for some h.tea who requested I smile :])

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Because it is tradition, Lynn and I decided to watch Twilight: Eclipse today the cinemas C: ! Bhav and Sheryl also decided to come watch. Thanks guys. I love you all :D Ahhhh. Sitting with my old high school friends whilst watching something like this was absolutely […]

Graduation&Karaoke :)

I haven’t blogged in so long but that is because my net IS capped and it makes using the internet very very hard. However, I miss blogging and I shall try to make this work! (Well it should be fairly easy […]