I’m a little bit too red ..

Hello hello ♥ So about a month ago I was invited to model for the Monash Photography Club by my awesome friend, Nico! And whilst I was incredibly nervous and contemplated backing out very much .. I rocked up anyway ;A;

I was determined to wear my red velvet […]

Dressed for High Tea

A group of friends and I went out for some delicious high tea the other day! We actually intended to all be dressed in lolita ..but uh, lack of funds and ..laziness meant that more than half of us didn’t have a lolita dress by that time. Regardless, […]

Rainbow Birthday!

Fuwaaahh~! This is a really late post (about 3 weeks late) about my birthday celebration! So, in light of my recent 20th birthday, I had a birthday outing with some friends from Uni about three weeks ago in the mid-semester break. A few friends and I went to eat […]