Monthly Noms: Nov & Dec

Hi! I hope you’ve all eaten because this post is filled with food porn ;) It came to my attention that with working so much in the past two months, I completely forgot to do a November Monthly Noms post (oops) so I shall be combining November and December […]

Monthly Noms: October

Eep. I’ve been cooped up so long during exam period that I’ve forgotten about food ;A; Luckily, October was quite a fun food month! Since it was my birthday, I had the opportunity to try a few different places thanks to the boyfriend! So yes, here are a few […]

Monthly Noms: September

“Wake me up when September ends” Can you believe that it’s already over? October is here meaning there isn’t much time left for 2012! Anyway, on with the proper post! I realise that many of the things I ate in September were not photo-worthy (fast food/takeaway), hence […]