Monthly Noms: Mar & April

Hello there! Can you believe it’s actually mid May ..crapppp exams are so close ;; With assignments consistently rolling in, I’ve been far too exhausted to even think about blogging …and as some of you noticed, I did not post my March food post (oh nyuuu) ;^; HENCE, this post will […]

Monthly Noms: Feb

Hi there! Okay, I really should get my act together and start posting regularly !!! But hello yes. I bring forth some delicious food from the month of February. I also apologize if there isn’t any caption beneath some of them ..because my memory is failing me. And well, […]

Monthly Noms: January

Hi there friends! Another late night posting for me haha (terrible new year resolution) It’s already February and 2013 has really settled right in. I’m already used to writing it and I feel like 2012 was ages away!! Anyway, with January done, I’ve got a couple of pictures from […]