This page is dedicated to all the wonderful gifts that my wonderful readers send me!
Including all the giveaways I have won, just because I know how much love goes in to them!
I appreciate every single gift that you guys send me, so here is a memorial sort of wall dedicated to each and every one of you! So Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Links: Gifts from Readers for my Birthday (2010)
(Thanks to: Amanda, Marie, Sam, Min, Tam and Tezza)

Gifts from Readers!
(in no particular order)

Headband, Note, My Melody plush, Bracelet and Pacer from Jennifer

Birthday gift of samples, notebook, pen and more from Jennifer

Drawing of Vu & I from Sam

Pack of hand drawn posters, post cards, book mark and stickers from Sam

Contact Travel Case, 2 Pens, Bunny Phone Charm, Earphones, Braclet, Handmade Pouch, Japanese Mascara Helper, Sweets Hairband and Note from Gerry

Belated Christmas gift: Drawing, Hairties, socks, bandaids and candy canes from Gerry

Notebook, Pencils and a Note from Jahnice ♥ (unexpectedly!)

(Giveaway Prize) Flower Lipglose, plus extra samples from Cathy

Hand made couple bunny plushies from Courtney

Pen, Bow Hairband, Glitter, Lollies, Tape and Face Mask from Amanda

Birthday gift of My Melody items, make up pouch and other accessories from Sam and Amanda

(Giveaway Prize) A wholeee bunch of extremely awesome things from Elaine

(Bought) Hair Wax and Lashes plus Pen, Lolly, Bandaid and Blotting Paper from Lissy

Giant “M” Block, Typo Discount Card and letter from Tezza

(Giveaway Prize) Eyelashes, Lollies, Letter Set, Hand Towel, Phone Hanger, Note and Pen from Bunny

Beauty masks and letter from Natalie

Handmade Portrait of ME and note from Melanie

(Giveaway Prize) Lashes, Usamimi, Keychain, Plushie and accessories from Mika

White Top, Green GEO Lenses, 2 White Eyeliners and a Christmas card from Rebekah

Handmade Food Charms from Mei

Handmade Rilkkuma Bracelet, My Melody Bracelet, Stickers and Note from Pooper

(Giveaway Prize) Eyeshadow, Pen, Hello Kitty Gachapons, Letter Sets, Diary, Belt, Perfume Sample and Bag from Tabea

Handmade Pouch, Handmade Sweet Brooch, Pencil, Eyeliner, Lip liner, Nail polish, Ring , Lollies and Card from Naka

Also Thank You to: Marie, Tabea, Courtney, Gerry, Min, Jennifer and Tezza from sending Letters/Cards ♥