‘Review’: Lawn Mower

 Hello hello! You might be wondering ..why on earth is Melody reviewing a lawn mower?!
Well, you can blame that all to a guy named OJ. A couple of years ago, when I used to do a lot more make up and contact lens blog reviews, OJ gave me a challenge to review a lawn mower! He dared to say I wouldn’t be taller than it (hmphs). Although it’s a couple of years late, I have accepted the challenge and have reviewed my family’s lawn mower for OJ’s birthday. SO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OJ! I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY AND FIND THIS REVIEW USEFUL!


The biggest challenge in doing this review was pretty much getting the lawn mower out of the shed in the backyard.
My dad is the only person who goes in there. Mainly because it’s an old tin shed with no lights and filled with dangerous Australian spiders and monsters. He wasn’t home, so I cried and begged for my mum to take it out for me. Unfortunately, she also thinks that shed is freaking scary, so I had to do it ;A; I ran in and out of there so quick…

 Review: Victa 375 Sprint Lawn Mower

Model: Victa 375 Sprint Lawn Mower (or so the label tells me!!!!)
Cost: ★★★☆☆!? Mum said she thinks they bought it for $299? Seems like it’s going $145 second hand atm
Durability: ★★★★★ It’s lasted a good 5-6 years now, so I’m sure that’s good ..right?!
Effectiveness: ????? No idea since I didn’t even turn it on hahahaha
Heaviness: ★★★☆☆ It was a bit of a struggle for a weakling like me, but I’m sure normal people will find it ok.
Appearance★★★★★ Anything that has the colour red is good for me!!!

Recommended?: I definitely don’t know if I should recommend this to anyone because what the hell do I know lol!
Overall, the lawn mower was actually quite heavy and took some muscle work to push it around haha! And look! I am definitely taller than it wooohoo. So I guess I can recommend this lawn mower to other short people!!


When my dad heard I was taking pictures with the lawn mower, he told me to cut the grass while I was at it -_-
I laughed and said no, before locking it back in to that terrible tin shed lol! Our backyard is pretty damn big and it’s alllllllll grass so there was no way I was going to actually cut the grass – especially in this Australian summer heat!!

I have nothing else to say in this post except HAPPY BIRTHDAY OJ!
I hope you had a wonderful day and that you enjoyed reading my review on a lawn mower -_-

The Experience: Intel Ultrabook

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Hello! I know you heard quite about the awesome Intel Ultrabook already…
But  I just wanted to add a little bit more on my experience of using it. Considering, I believe I mentioned how different it was for me since I usually use my desktop or iPad for all things computer related ..and this was both of them in one ♥ !

But yes, as you can see it’s ability for it to switch between a tablet and a laptop makes it easy for it to use it in different settings. Plus the fact that it’s really light-weight makes it even more convenient for it to be taken to Uni and alike. But okay, I lie. I didn’t use it for anything study related, but rather just watched TV shows and movies on it in bed hehe. And thankfully the battery life lasts for ages (approx 3 movies worth) unplugged so it’s perfect for lying in bed.

Anyway, I actually love using the touch screen whilst actually typing at the same time.
I mean, the keyboard has an excellent mouse ball touch option but it’s so awesome being able to type …and then using the touch screen to scroll down or click a new tab instead of having to use the mouse to do all that work.

But yes, I did have quite a bit of fun with this Ultrabook and would definitely love it again ;)

Would you use it in it’s laptop mode? Or tablet mode?

Intel Ultrabook Convertible

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Hello wonderful people! Today, I have something pretty exciting to share and review with you!
As some of you may have seen from my tweets / instagram, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to play with an Intel Ultrabook Convertible for the past week :) I was incredibly excited to be able to try this out as I’ve never had anything like it. For reference, I normally blog using my desktop but frequently use my laptop, iPad and iPhone to access social media.

This Intel Ultrabook Convertible is pretty much what has been taking up my time this entire week hehe.
I don’t have Windows 8 on any of my actual products so it was fun to play around with a new system!! Plus, having an Intel Core i5 and HD graphics made it an awesome time consuming product to review hehe.

Now, the super amazing thing about this Ultrabook is that ..it’s a laptop and a tablet in one.
I’ve actually always liked the thought of this concept! Sometimes you need to use the touch screen for games or drawing (stylus!), but other times ..you really just want to use a physical keyboard for typing ease!! *_*

But yes, as you can see, using this Ultrabook instead of my desktop was definitely an experience. The ability to just carry this around with you anywhere was great. In fact, I’m probably going to continue typing this blog post ..in bed!! Which is actually pretty awesome, since I’m normally sitting at my desk typing these blog posts (usually at 3am) ..so being able to type at ease in bed is really useful. (I’m not a fan of typing long posts with touch screen ..so yay for keyboard!)

It’s actually really light too so it made holding it in bed much easier (compared to using my laptop at least)
I also decided to let my mum and brother both give it a go to see what they did with it. My brother immediately put it in its portrait tablet mode to start reading his lectures (and later forums haha) whilst my mum used it in its laptop mode (to stand) to watch stuff on youtube while she cooked dinner haha. Definitely was good versatility!

I actually really enjoyed using this Ultrabook ..and with it’s 7 second start up, it’s easy to use anywhere!

What’s your opinion on the Ultrabook?
Where and when would you use it? Do you like that it’s both a tablet and a laptop?