Tokyo Kitchen Sakae, Brighton

Japanese food is definitely one of my favourite cuisines.
Sadly, there  aren’t that many great Japanese restaurants near me. So you can imagine my joy when Ashley told me of this wonderful Japanese restaurant right near his work place in Brighton!

Funnily enough, we decided to visit on a day where I wanted to “save money”, but of course… we couldn’t resist their sashimi platter, nor some sake to accompany it! But hey, I do not regret my decision ♥


Takoyaki ($8.90)

I don’t think Ash and I ever go to a Japanese restaurant and not get takoyaki!
If you’re not familiar with Japanese cuisine, “ocotopus balls”might freak you out but I assure you they are absolutely delicious and a must have! *salivates


Sushi & Sashimi Platter for One ($22.90): 2 pc tempura tuna roll, 3 pc nigiri, 1 pc tamagoyaki & 9 pc assorted sashimi

Honestly, I didn’t become a fan of sashimi until I went to Japan! I blame that on the bad ones I must’ve tried here prior the delicious ones I got to eat in Japan mmm

Anyway, this sashimi platter was the bombbbbb. It had two pieces of maguro (tuna), as well as a maguro nigiri which is, hands down, my favourite kind of sashimi out there! It also came with tempura tuna rolls which I’ve never come across before, and unsurprisingly, they were also super delicious. Everything on this platter was great and I totally regretted not getting the Platter for Two, considering Ash got to try a piece of everything!


Premium BBQ Wagyu ($29.80) – BBQ full blood & marbling 9+ wagyu, served with spicy teriyaki vegetables

 This was some pretty delicious wagyu that came with a side dish of black rice.
I didn’t eat much of  this so I can’t really comment, but I do think its definitely a dish to try!


Green tea ice cream ($? not on menu)

There wasn’t actually any dessert on the menu but I really wanted some (as you do)!
Luckily, when we asked, they had some ice cream (red bean, black sesame and green tea) that we could order. It was a delicious way to end an awesome dinner!

I hear they also have some  smashin’ bentos during the day, so I’m pretty excited to visit Brighton some time in the nearby future to try some of them mmm ♥

Tokyo Kitchen Sakae 
66 Church St, Brighton VIC 3186

Three Monkeys Place, Doncaster East

I actually really like going to cafes – the food is usually amazing, they turn out great in photos and the ambiance is usually perf – but, the only problem I have with cafes is that so many of them are only open until 4pm! I’m not an early bird and I finish work at 5 so it’s usually pretty impossible to go unless I go on the weekends (but that’s for sleeping in!).

However, when I heard Three Monkeys Place was just down the road from work, I thought I’d better give it a shot.
So one lovely (early) morning, I woke up an hour earlier just to have breakfast at 3MP with Zuz!


I think you can see from the above photo that despite that coffee not being enough for the day, it was def worth it!
To ensure I ordered a sweet breakfast, I made sure I had one piece of bacon at home before coming haha! It’s always so frustrating when I want to try the sweet stuff but then just crave eggs and bacon when I go to cafes!

I ordered the Sweet Monkey while Zuz ordered the Brioche French Toast


Sweet Monkey: Roti pancakes, banana, mixed berries, crumble, mascarpone & maple syrup (v)

I am not a huge fan of banana, but this dish was absolutely delicious! I did not regret my decision at all.
The roti pancakes were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, making for a scrumptious texture mixed a long with the mascarpone and maple syrup mmmm. The mixed berries and crumble surrounding the plate was super yummy, and tasted great when all mixed together in a single bite. Definitely recommend this!

 My coffee was pretty good, but I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have caramel for my latte.


Brioche French Toast: with banana, mixed berries compote, vanilla ice cream and white clover honey sauce

Forgive me if the name or description is wrong because I can’t find this exact dish on their menu anymore! It seems like it is replaced by Matcha French Toast, which is something I would be very keen to try!

I only had a couple of bites of this dish but the brioche french toast was incredibly yummy, and tasted great paired along with the berry compote and ice cream. However, the white clover honey sauce was pretty bad – neither Zuz or I liked it at all. I can’t remember the exact words we said at the time, but I  do remember us comparing it to some sort of cleaning detergent…so yes, I recommend this dish as long as you don’t have to eat the honey haha.

Overall, big thumbs up for Three Monkeys Place! Definitely worth waking up that extra hour early.

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Sup it’s Ash again to regale you with some Easey readin’ (and Mel too with her text in pink!!!) 


Easey’s is the place where you can take it easy with an Easey Cheesy and a frothy or four, and that’s the Easey’s motto…
or at least in my mind it is…

Chowing down on some iconic Melbourne foods – burgs, dimmies and potato cakes – could not be done anywhere more appropriate than on that which Melbournians have our most emotional relationship with, our public transport system. Specifically in this case decommissioned train carriages that were inexplicably hoisted up onto a rooftop.


The concept of the place is that the building is about 5 stories high and each floor offers something different. The ground is a bar with some retro gaems with a wholefoods place out back, the second floor is a pop-up fashion store which was yet to open when we went and the remaining floors are the Easey’s kitchen, the rooftop beer garden and the crown jewel, the train carriages. The linchpin of this mish-mash is that you can eat/drink errythang on erry floor. So if the train carriages are full you’re in luck, you can eat a burger  with a vegetarian friend at the whole foods place and watch them salivate.

We were pleasantly surprised when the elevator from the ground took us straight up onto a train carriage. There’s nothing like overlooking Melbourne from original train seats while smashing some  of our most cherished takeaway foods (except these are much better than what you had as a kid and don’t cost too much more). Follow that up with something  with a bit more of a twist – sexy old school milkshake flavored donuts – and  the resulting culinary experience is sublime.


Unfortunately, the first time we went was on a Saturday causing a few unexpected problems.

We had booked for a train carriage at 2pm, but due to traffic etc, we were a bout 10 minutes late. Due to their extreme popularity, it seemed that our table was given away. We were told to sit outside, meaning a few outdoor tables between carriages (which was actually pretty sweet, if it wasn’t so cold that day!) until a table freed up. Waited approx 15 mins. 


The above image is actually their ‘old menu’ now, as after being open for a week, Easey’s listened to some customer feedback and changed up their menu quite some bit. You can check it out here. Not gonna lie, I am slightly disappointed that the Easey Cheese now comes with salad and is therefore an additional $2, but oh well.

If people want salad in their burgers, they’ve now got it.



We were all very disappointed to find out that their potato cakes and dim sims were both sold out by the time we were ready to make our order. But really, that just meant that Ash and I were going to have to make a second visit…which we actually did, about 4 days later on a Wednesday afternoon. 


First Visit (Saturday): Easey Cheesey with added 2x bacon, beef patty and cheese ($16)


Second Visit (Wednesday): Easey Cheesey with added 2x bacon, beef patty and cheese ($16)

While one can get lost in the surreal venue, we have to remember the endeavor in question, the endeavor of burg ingurgitation that is. The outside is a secret recipe potato bun which served as a tasty but perhaps less overbearing substitute for a brioche.  Nestled inside is SOFTNESS. EVERYTHING JUST MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH. Except the bacon, the bacon was crispy like well CRISPY BACON (sorry my metaphors are failing me). Anyway it’s a definitive burger and one that undoubtedly should be at the top of everyone’s ‘to try’ list.

You can wash down all that rocket sauce with Melbourne Bitter on tap (!!), which perhaps not the most distinguished beer is one closely entwined with the heart of this establishment, Jimmy. Melbourne Bitters throughout its unremarkable history has never been on tap.  That all changed conveniently just in time for its most vocal proponent, Jimmy, to serve it at the grand opening of his restaurant.


First Visit (Saturday): Easey Cheesey with added bacon and jalapenos ($10)


Second Visit (Wednesday): Easey Cheesy with added bacon and jalapenos ($10)

While I’m quite the burger fan by now, I still sometimes struggle to eat a burger due to size and/or taste. My burger at Easey’s was in fact very easy to eat. The size was perfect for me and the overall taste was so good that I don’t think I put it down once. As a spice lover, I did experiment with the two available Changz hot sauce and can confirm that they’re both good. I personally actually really liked the addition of the Changz Red Habanero to my burger!

Interesting to note, despite the burgs looking diff the second time around, they were just as delicious.



The milkshake doughnut was hot and crunchy on the outside, reminiscent of a good jam doughnut, and perfectly gooey and sweet on the inside. Despite asking the waitress about the Blue Heaven doughnuts that were advertised on their Facebook page, we were served their oddly green coloured ones. After posting about it on my instagram, it turns out they were Lime flavoured which were still perfectly delicious. 

I knew that the Blue Heaven ones would be A M A Z I N G if these were already so good. 



On our second go around, we were promised Blue Heaven doughnuts BUT IMAGINE OUR DISPLEASURE WHEN WE WERE SERVED GREEN DOUGHNUTS AGAIN. So anyway we complained straight away about this ginormous problem, only to be reassured by someone with a certain managerial aura that they were indeed blue heaven, but joked that his cook had gone color-blind (who knows maybe it wasn’t a joke, looks pretty green to me). His words did not lead me astray and I enjoyed the best doughnut like eva, a green-colored-but-blue-heaven-flavored doughnut.

Being the sweet tooth in the relationship, I was incredibly pleased with these. 
I was correct – I liked the Lime flavoured ones, but I LOVED the Blue Heaven doughnuts. I have never enjoyed a doughnut more! They were so delicious that I decided to order another two for takeaway (Ash stole on tho :( )


On our second visit, we managed to order the potato cakes. I have never had a beer-battered let alone a Melbourne Bitter battered Potato cake. The verdict? Like a normal potato cake BUT BETTER.

The golden batter was delightfully crunchy and it was def one of the best I’ve had.


On a funny note, when we took the elevator down, we had an extra person try to join us but the elevator beeped stating we had exceeded the maximum KG…..which was 400kg. What even. All those burgers couldn’t have surely made six people total to 400kg, could it?? Either way, the sixth person stepped out and the elevator worked again haha. 


Easeys are open for the long hours and proudly serve burgs for brekky, lunch and din. They also have an interesting brekky item of deep fried frostie (dat cereal) chicken & deep fried poptarts. As I’m not a morning person I’m afraid I won’t get to try them anytime soon. But then I think of those delectable burgs again and that regret becomes a distant memory. Easey’s is departing platform 1 now and this is one train you really don’t want to miss.

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