Easy A: Win double pass movie ticket!

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In light of the new movie, Easy A coming out soon on the 16th of September 2010, Nuffnang has given 5 of my lucky readers the chance to win a double pass movie ticket to see Easy A. So, how and what do you have to do to be eligible to win this prize?! Well that’s simple really. It’s all related to this movie.

Easy A

Synopsis: After a little white lie about losing her virginity spreads around the school, Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) begins to find her life resembling Hester Prynne, a character in the novel, “The Scarlet Letter”. This is until she decides to turn things around, and use the rumour to advance her social and financial standing.

This hilarious comedy stars Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Cam Gigandet, Lisa Kudrow, Penn Badgley, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson

Rating: M

Watch the trailer here:

Thanks to Nuffnang and Sony, I was given a double pass ticket to see the advance screening of Easy A at Hoyts cinemas on Wednesday 8th 2010. Vu and I headed there after Uni expecting it to be good (after watching the trailers a few times) movie and were we disappointed? Not at all. The movie was filled with laughter and innuendos and jokes; and it was hard not to fall in love with Olive (Emma Stone) ‘s strange and sarcastic (albeit kind-hearted) personality. Vu and I both really enjoyed the movie and how it was structured out. And I’m pretty sure all of you would love to see this too! So how do you win one of these 5 double pass movie tickets to see Easy A? Well, just keep reading you’ll find out…

So this movie tells the story about how the clean-cut high school student, Olive tells a small white lie that eventually blows out of proportion and backfires on her. This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ve all told a little white lie, thinking it would be alright, but then had to suffer the consequences for doing so….

Like when you told your friend that she looked good in that dress when you knew that yellow just wasn’t her colour. Or it could be when you told your mother that her cake tasted delicious even though it lacked sugar. Or when you comforted someone else saying they could rap like Eminem – when really they couldn’t at all. I know for sure that I’ve had this happened to me before…
This is a representation of what I was like as a Year 10. (This photo was taken a few days ago / just a reinactment)
It happened back when I was in Year 10, an immature and young teenager who just wanted to have fun. I attended weekly Japanese classes after school on Tuesdays at a different high school. But this one day, I decided that it would be fun to pretend to go and just skip it to hang out with some friends. So I told my tiny white little lie to my parents saying that I was going to attend Japanese class, when in fact I wasn’t at all. So I walked in to the school premises with my friends, only to walk back out when I knew my parents had driven off.

This is me checking to make sure that my parents have left.
Things ran smoothly as we met up with others and drank some Happy Cup, and played some Arcade Games. And then it was time to sneak back in to the school without anyone finding out my little white lie. The only problem was that we had lost track of time and instead of coming back to the school with plenty of time to spare, we got back with 10 minutes to spare. This would’ve been fine if my dad wasn’t punctual and made sure he was always early to pick me up at the front of the school. So the bunch of us had to sneak around the side / back of the school.
Why do I have such bad luck!? (Pretty much how I was feeling at the time)
Unfortunately for us, because we weren’t attending any classes – we weren’t actually supposed to be on the school grounds. So we decided to hide behind the school portables. But for some stupid and unfortunate reason, the grounds keeper found us. He then proceeded to yell at us loudly and usher us all the way out the FRONT of the school. So I guess you can see what happened then. My parents saw me getting kicked out of the school. To say that I was let off the hook easily would be a lie. Because I wasn’t. Not at all
My phone was confiscated; I wasn’t allowed to attend the Japanese class anymore; and I wasn’t allowed to use the computer/internet. Oh, and did I mention that I had to suffer a 2-3 hour lecture about how I was a bad girl? Yeah ….
This is pretty much how I looked and felt when I heard “No computer/ internet”
So after hearing how my little white lie backfired harshly on me, all you have to do to be able to win one of those five double pass movie tickets to see Easy A is to answer this question:

Have you lied about something and had it backfire worse than you could imagine?

This competition will end at 5pm EST on 22 September 2010.
However, I apologize that this competition is only open to Australian residents.
Please read the full Terms & Conditions.

I’m guessing many of you will have a few stories for me to be reading! I can’t wait to read your little white lie, and how it backfired on you. So leave a comment on this post telling me your story, and I will get back to you to see if your consequences were as bad as my internet ban!

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Official website: http://www.easya.com.au/
Coming out 16th September 2010 (Australia)

I will also be replying to every comment on this post. So come and check back to see what I think :)

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Because it is tradition, Lynn and I decided to watch Twilight: Eclipse today the cinemas C: ! Bhav and Sheryl also decided to come watch. Thanks guys. I love you all :D Ahhhh. Sitting with my old high school friends whilst watching something like this was absolutely the best !

Hmm. The movie, I say, was quite alright. Any movie that is adapted from a book – a best seller one at that – is always hard and this one was quite alright. I still absolutely hate Kirsten Stewart’s portrayal of Bella and Robert Pattinson’s of Edward – but I can’t do anything about it. Other than that, I was quite pleased with my favourite scene in the book of the training session. Ah. I really do like Jasper and his southern accent. In any case, this movie was quite a good watch if you’ve read the series. Although, I do really hate the fangirls – my cinema was packed with them. They were screaming every time either Jacob or Edward appeared; and they pretty much sounded like they were 12.
Anyway, I’m glad I watched this. I’m not a fangirl or a die hard lover of the novels but I’m not one of those who criticize and are disgusted by this. I think it’s sweet. I mean, after all the bashing and the fangirls – I guess I kind of got annoyed but it’s still a book that I loved for all it’s complete cheesy romance.
It was also perfect when my day ended with my own personal fairytale prince of a boyfriend shopping and laughing with me. I love you

Movie Day with Friends

With University starting, a whole new life began for each and every one of us.

So today was a nice step back in to the warm zone of familiarity with the company of some wonderful high school friends. I’ve truly missed them all a lot. :)
But yes, today was another Movie Day.
We ended up watching two movies in total: Stranger than Fiction and Little Miss Sunshine.

Thank you for the photo Tienyibaby♥

At first glance, I thought this movie was going to be another one of those boring, artistic films that I never found all that interesting. But after watching it, I thought it was really good. How the movie started, the movie plot line and the ending – it all flowed really well in my personal opinion. Albeit, I would’ve liked an explanation of why his life was suddenly being narrated out of no where – but I guess that really wasn’t the whole point in the movie, and it didn’t seem out of place that it wasn’t explained. All in all, I really liked this movie and would recommend it.
I didn’t really like this movie that much. I found a lot it rather irritating and frustrating but it did give quite a lot of laughs (which is always a thumbs up in my case). Although, I thought the underlying messaging within this was quite significant. ‘To just be yourself’ and ‘Family is always family’ were what I really got out of it. Both being demonstrated by the various main characters of the movie – especially in the contrast at the end with Olive and the other beauty contestants. However, despite the strong messaging, I wouldn’t want to watch this again, not unless I was really bored.

I’m really glad that today happened, and I’m glad that I saw every single one of the people that showed up. It really was a great day, and I’m glad that I still have such awesome friends ♥