School Competition Photoshoot~

I actually think nearly most of you would have seen the reason why I wore the blonde wig haha.
Well, if you didn’t know, I was doing my own little “Back to School” photoshoot for my competition. And I kind of based it slightly off Japanese anime uniform (so lightly off Shiemi from Ao no Exorcist) ! But yep, I’ve decided to use the photos as a form of promotional poster/photo (?) for the competition!

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The person who gets the most “Likes” will win a prize ~! Yeyyy. And to be fair, another person chosen based on their creativity, photograph and perception of “school” will win another prize ! Woo~ Ahaha. So far it would seem that the girls are losing out to a (cross-dressing) guy! So go Like away if you want your favourite blogger to win n_n !
Anyway, as you can see, I dressed up for this occasion too *_*!

(Side note: The middle photo is me holding my iPhone with it’s new iPhone case ^_^”! Kutusita nyanko~)
Anyway, yeah this is what I put together as a “school girl” although I don’t think there’s any schools in Australia that have this type of uniform (/sad) I really wish they did! I would be so happy to wear uniform everyday if they had this type of uniform ahah.  *_* !   But yeah~ I was quite happy with the outcome.

Skirt (Really old Jay Jays) Knee High Socks (Gift) Bag (PG Mall) Cardigan (Valley Girl) White Shirt (Target?) Bow (From Vocaloid Sandplay Cosplay) Wig (eBay) Headband (Equip?)
But yeah, I kind of just threw that outfit together randomly. I had just bought that cardigan on Friday cos I really really liked it *_*! And saw potential in it tehehe. And I just based everything else from that~ I wanted to wear white socks – which you can’t see anyway – but I realised I threw all of mine out OTL. So they were black.

Anyway, I hope everyone goes and vote for their favourite bloggers!
See their awesome interpretations of school boy / girls ^___^”!

♥ ♥ ♥
Do you have uniform for school ?

Click [HERE] for to be directed to the Competition Photos!

Back to School Competition

I tried to do Ling’s Mannequin Fashion Challenge today, but failed miserably because I didn’t have any of those type of clothes ! (Except the stockings and skirts :/)  haha. I guess it’s just not my type of clothing (?) Ahh. But everyone please go try out her challenge! It’s really fun and I wish I could’ve been able to do it haha ;(
But anyway, because I couldn’t do it, I decided to dress up as a school girl instead, just for the fun of it !

Brother’s shirt. Brother’s tie. Skirt from Jayjays. Stockings from eBay.

Anyway, as I was dressing up, I thought up a pretty nifty idea for a competition that everybody can participate in !! ♥

The Back to School Competition!

Dress up as a School Girl / Boy and send in your photos to!
And on the 21st of June, I’ll post all the entries on to where the photo with the most “Likes” will win a prize ! (You can get your friends/family to vote for you as well!)
There will also be a second prize for my personal favourite ~!
Voting will commence as soon as the photos are up and will end on the  28th June!! (Only one week~!)

(Disclaimer: This bag is not the prize for winning the competition! Haha. But it might be maybe..)

So be as creative as you can/want to be ! Incorporate everything and anything in to your submission !
[One submission per person / but you can resubmit if you take a better photo as long as it’s before the 21st June]

Rules? Just be a Google Friend Connect/BlogLovin’ follower of MELLUDEE{♥}COM and a Fan of my Facebook Page!*
And please write your Facebook name/GFC /BlogLovin’ usernames in to the email and any other “description” you would like me to add to the facebook upload ^-^! ♥
Remember to interpret “Back to School” in any way you like xP Uniforms? Nerds? Jocks? Cheerleaders? Labs? School teachers? Books? Satchels? Knee high socks? Ties? Badges? Bows? etc !

Competition ends 21st June. Voting ends 28th June !!
– Open Internationally –
Good luck to everyone! I can’t wait to see all of your entries ~!

What does “School” make you think of?

*those that don’t follow the rules will automatically be disqualified

Competition Winners!

It’s finally the time for me to announce the winners of my 
Love Yourself Camwhore Competition
Thank you to the 28 wonderful people that entered this!!
So many of you have been speculating and wondering about how I was going to pick the winners, right? It’s true that I had quite a lot of ways of picking the winners. I could’ve easily done a; but I thought, there is more to this competition than just camwhoring. Right?
The whole point of this competition was to love yourself and be confident no matter what you look like.
And after reading some of the things that you girls (and guys) told me either through email, tweet, blog post or whatever else; I have decided to pick it through who understood what I was trying to convey the most.
♥ ♥ ♥
Well, let’s check out some of the entries first! Look at all these gorgeous people! Ahh. I’m so lucky to have some beautiful readers, right^^? (Click on their names to either head to their post or blogs)

Gorgeous Mimi , Beautiful Morgane and Lovely Shirley!

Pretty Panda , Hilarious Tom , Stunning Natalie !

Alluring Rena, Radiant Alyse and Divine Jenny!
Keep reading because there’s more beautiful entries after the announcements ~!
But of course, there must be a winner so I present to you:  
Caroline Josephine as the Camwhore Winner!

Click here to see what she wrote about Camwhoring ♥
Caroline, please email me your address and we’ll discuss your prize! Your prize will be specially picked out just for you!! (although, you will definitely be getting a compact mirror for those camwhore days!)
♥ ♥ ♥
But wait, there is more! I decided to pick two other people that I thought also really understood the meaning and gave me some really super duper awesome photos!
So, Runner Ups go to Pooper and Kaizokumousy!

Click here to read Darling Pooper’s and here to read Mesmerising Mimi’s blog posts (:
You two will be getting a small bag filled with some awesome makeup related items~! Email me your addresses and I’ll be sending them out soon! (or you can request specific items if you don’t want makeup)
♥ ♥ ♥

And MOST CREATIVE Prize goes to Bunny~!
I absolutely loved how she looks like what she claims she is ! Hehe.
Click here to read Hot Bunny’s post and to see the rest of her photos :) ! And Bunnyyy, please email your address and we’ll discuss exactly what you want~!

♥ ♥ ♥
But WAIT, there is more ?!
The truth is, every single person who decided to enter this competition took a chance. Even though it is actually rather embarrassed to send in your photos to someone else who will judge them based on who knows what. So in actual fact, everyone is a winner. Everyone who was confident enough to take photos of themselves without caring about what anyone else thought of them.

Sexy Jennifer, Pretty Rin and Cute Jenni~!

Ravishing Kelly, Wonderful Ella and Sweet Yuin!

Graceful Tanya, Adorable Stacey and Glamarous Audrey!

Angelic Gerry , Tempting Asuka and Magnificent Tezza!

Dazzling Thy, BESTEST BOYFRIEND VU, Elegant London~!
♥ ♥ ♥
So because I love you all, for the people who did not win ..
You will still get a letter/gift from me, it won’t be big and I might not be able to send it for awhile. (Moneyy ;A;) But I want you all to know that you are all winners for taking the chance to enter!
♥ ♥ ♥
To claim your letter/gift, please send your postal addresses to melludee[at] before 7th Jan!
(If you don’t want to receive anything, just ignore this then! ♥)
Edit: EXCEPT THOSE WHO DID NOT FOLLOW THE RULES AND FOLLOW ME THROUGH GFC!!!! I couldn’t find some of your names in my list! So sorry! No prize ~!

Don’t fret if you wanted to enter but it was too late, I will probably be hosting another one of these later in the year! (But will everyone get a prize then? I don’t know! hehe) Although, next time I will be more strict and not post any pictures/links of the people that didn’t follow the rules!
♥ ♥ ♥
Congratulations to all the Winners!
Who was YOUR favourite Camwhore?

Sorry if I had to cut your pictures! To see some of the *FULL* photos visit my album:
Password: confidence