Big Bang: Honey Butter McNight


No doubt that we’ve all been trying out new things during lockdown, and I’ve been no different.

I saw this wonderful video from Big Bang: Happy Together years ago, and I’ve been dreaming about Daesung’s Honey Butter McNight ever since. I’ve tried looking for Hotteok (honey pancakes) in various Korean grocers over the years, but was unsuccessful until recently when I stumbled across them in the fridge section in the Korean Grocer that is less than a 1 minute walk from my work (whaaaaat??). Of course, I bought them immediately and made this surprisingly delicious snack.

In the clip, Daesung names this dish ‘Honey Butter McNight‘ due to the taste resemblance to Maccas, and it being a naughty late night snack after going out clubbing. Being in a pandemic (and me never going clubbing usually..), I just had it for breakfast/brunch,  but the combination of the egg and cheese did remind me of a sweet Sausage McMuffin, and it makes sense why people might enjoy this after a night of fun.

If you’re too lazy to watch the video, you can make this with these simple ingreidents:

2 x Hotteok Pancakes, warmed in the pan with butter
Egg, ideally cooked in an egg ring with butter
Cheddar Cheese (or plastic American cheese)
Honey for drizzling inside and on top
Black Pepper, to really give it an extra kick

Stack it all together and you’ve got a really delicious (but unhealthy) snack ♥

If you find hotteok in your local store, I definitely recommend you giving this a shot, because it is just as tasty as the Happy Together crew say it is (be generous with the black pepper!)


Meal Prep: Philly Cheesesteak


 Ever since Ashley started full-time work, he’s asked me for “help” to meal prep (do 90% of the work)

The main challenge I had was to find recipes that were easy, tasty but still healthy. Each week, it started to become an activity for us to find a new and exciting recipe for him to try out. Thankfully, Ash is a great sport and eats everything that I cook, even if these “healthy meals” end up not tasting so great (I’m looking at you roasted chicken and cauliflower lol). Every now and then, we get some winners!

One of these winners is the Philly Cheesesteak

Recipe was adapted from MealPreponFleek


The best (but not the cheapest) meat to buy for this meal are some Scotch Fillets, sliced as thin as you can. While I mentioned earlier that I usually do 90% (or sometimes 100%) of the work in creating these meals, this is one that Ash did quite a lot. As you would know, he’s a big meat-eater, so he took it upon himself to ensure the right meat was bought, and that they were cooked to perfect. He, however, did not slice the meat himself hahah.

After seasoning and cooking them over high-heat on a cast iron skillet, chuck the cheese on top to let them melt and ooze over the beef. We like to do a mix of both Provolone and American Cheddar cheese to give it that delicious flavour. Now, you can stop here and throw them in to some hoagies (white sub) for a normal sandwich.

But, because they were “healthy” lunchboxes for Ashley, we opted to include the salad in the above recipe, but on the side. Mushrooms, capscium, onions with some Worcestershire sauce to boost up your veggie intake.

Not for the lactose intolerant, but great if you’re after a low carb meal!

26: Lovers in Space

Taking a break from some video game bars, we decided to have a celestial celebration to honour me turning 17 (26) once again. Inspired by all things celestial, we got dressed in our finest interstellar attire, served cosmic concoctions and stardust snacks, whilst playing some galactic games.


I had a lot of fun dressing up for this event, as I tried my best to look as otherworldly as possible.

Most of this look is from Princess Polly, including dress, earrings and necklace. Space boots from The Iconic, and moon/star hair accessories from eBay. Made myself look a bit more odd with some Glamour Grey lenses from Beserk, and Diamond Crusher & Velvetine lipstick from Lime Crime.

Of course, no event of mine would be completed without some decoration and themed-food.


Doing my best to keep up the galactic theme, I made a range of galaxy-themed food.

It was quite hard to find much inspiration for galaxy-themed savoury food, so as you can see, there are a lot of sweets. But hey, for a event celebrating my birthday, I think it’s quite suitable.


Cosmic cupcakes

I originally intended to make galaxy coloured buttercream, but I had some struggles with piping, so I had a go at using fondant…which had a surprisingly good effect! The gold patty pans looked great with it too!


Themed Sugar Cookies made by Aileen

I was also very lucky to have one of my colleagues, Aileen, make these beautiful sugar cookies for me! They were a huge hit, and Ash was really disappointed there was any left over for the next day!


Finger Sandwiches – Chicken Mayo & Cream Cheese Cucumber

We needed some savoury, so these sandwiches became mahou sandowichi to keep with the theme haha.


Chocolate bark

While these were seemingly easy to make, I actually screwed up the first batch by not following the recipe properly (woops). Thankfully, once you do so, they’re super easy and quite effective looking with some edible glitter and star sequins. Smashing them up was also super fun to do.


Mini Pizzas – pepperoni & (just) mozzarella

Again, had to a be a bit creative to include some more savoury snacks, so these mini pizzas were actually unidentified flying pizzas (UFP…UFO). Yes, the corniness is great. 


Butter Cookies with Frosting

These were last minute decision, and as you can see, didn’t look that great. I didn’t know that Aileen was going to make her sugar cookies, so I also decided to make some crappy looking cookies. They still tasted nice though!


Galaxy Cocktail & SLURM (Mountain Dew)

If you watch Futurama, you’ll recognise these lovely (yet disgusting) Slurm drinks. To create these, I removed the labels off these lemonade bottles (lemonade going in to the galaxy cocktail), and printed off these Slurm labels, before pouring in some Mountain Dew. The Galaxy cocktail contained lemonade, vodka, blue curacao and grenadine, to give it that wonderful purplish colour (not quite pictured). Both – delicious!


We ended up choosing to serve some of Ash’s burgers too… because we like to ensure our friends are fed.

These are galaxy burgers, but really, are no different from all the other burgers that Ash has made! We thought about doing something crazy like making the buns galaxy-coloured, but we didn’t make them; we also thought about adding food colouring to the sauce…but didn’t want people to eat food colouring for no reason…so, they’re normal burgers in every sense but their name haha.

Finally, we played some fun space-games, including Lovers in Space (much recommended)