Dining out at CHEEK


I haven’t taken a “selfie” in public for awhile, so please bear with my strange poses..

Having loved our visit to Dexter in Preston, I decided to take Ash to CHEEK, their sister store in the CBD, to celebrate his birthday! I was very excited to be able to get my hands on (and sink my teeth into) these meat donuts after so long (hence, the slightly deranged photo above), so you can imagine that my only contribution to the ordering process was to add the hot meat donuts. The birthday boy did the rest.


Starting off with the donuts and a smoked lamb rib, we were off to a good start! I’m actually not the biggest fan of lamb, so I was more than happy to keep that donut to myself while Ash (who loves lamb) devoured that.

For the mains, we decided to get two meats and two sides. Ash can be quite particular about food he eats, so we always avoid the ‘Feed Me’ options, and instead go for picking our own menu items. I loved the mash & gravy… granted that I love most mash & gravy, but the bone marrow really gave it another dimension, and easily became my second favourite of the night (after the donut).


(Starting from the back, L-R) Charred Cabbage, Smoked Short Rib, Smoked Wagyu Brisket and Bone Marrow Mash & Gravy

The only problem with picking our own menu items is that we usually over order…

The above might not look like a lot of food, but trust me, it was way too much food for the both of us to handle (namely, me). Luckily, CHEEK put our left overs in a nice little takeaway box and we were able to drop it off in Ash’s workplace staff fridge before we headed home (beats carrying a box of meat on the train home lol).

This was a great (work) night, and we rolled home happily with our tummies full.


Picnic in the Dandenong Ranges


The Dandenong Ranges is amazing – despite the frequent amount of times I’ve visited over the years, I feel like I’ve been able to discover something new each time.

In this instance, we enlisted the help of AmazingCo, who sent us on a wonderful journey through Dandenong Ranges, taking us to locations and stops that we’ve passed many times but never thought to stop at. The above photo was taken at Olinda Falls, which required a short but somewhat challenging walk to reach.

Olinda Falls is a popular destination, but not so popular that we were able to spend some moments in the above pictured spot, taking in the view and beauty of the waterfall!


We followed our  journey to different pit stops, picking up delicious snacks along the way. At the end of our day, we finally settled at R.J. Hamer Arboretum (another beautiful site), where we enjoyed our food in peace whilst taking in the views of the many beautiful trees situated in the area.

Dandenong Ranges is definitely full of mysterious and beautiful locations!

Fire Gardens @ Royal Botanical Gardens


For four nights in October 2018, the Royal Botanical Gardens was transformed in to Fire Gardens, a magnificent piece created by French Artists, Compagnie Carabosse. 

As we walked through the Fire Gardens, the feeling that we had stepped in an otherworldly place hit me. Entrancing and intriguing music wafted through the darkness of the night, calling us to continue venturing deeper in to the heart of the gardens. The cold and darkness of the night contrasted heavily against the bright and burning flames, dancing along to the soft hums of the Fire Garden guests.


With only flames to light our pathway, the gardens felt endless. As our feet followed the beats of the musicians, we lost all bearings and found ourselves deep within the heart of the Fire Garden. This night felt so surreal and can only describe it as if we were stepping in to an otherworldly space, with an almost cult-like atmosphere.


This was really a fantastic transformation of the Royal Botanical Gardens by the Compagnie Carabosse – I forgot I was still in Melbourne, and felt transported in another world and time.

Fire is so fickle; beautiful and warm, but yet unwieldy and destructive.