SAMA 10 Year Anniversary

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three years since I last posted about SAMA/MCAC!
For those who didn’t follow me back when I posted more frequently (heh), I used to post a lot about this wonderful club that I was a part of during my Uni years. I loved it so much that I was even on the committee in 2011-12.

So why am I suddenly posting about SAMA now in 2016?!
Well, September 2016 marked ‘Society for Anime and Manga’, previously known as “Monash Clayton Anime Club’ TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and to celebrate this joyous occasion, ten years worth of committee members came together!


It was such a magnificent sight to see ten years worth of generations that all played a part in building what the club is today. We had some of the oldies mingling with the youngins; and it was so awesome to see that despite the huge age difference that some of us had, we still had enough in common to hang like old friends ♥

Being on committee not too long ago meant that I was fortunate enough to already know many of the committee peeps and it really got me thinking how lucky I am to be part of something so special that about 80% of my actual friends were made through this group. I mean, you can even see Ash in the above picture which is saying a lot hahaha!!


The 2011-12 committee reunited in 2016!


Left: When we were first elected in 2011 and Right: Our final day as a committee in 2012!

Do we look the same? Hahah! It’s baffling to think that the bottom two photos were 4/5 years ago now.

Apart from taking a bunch of photos with one another and reminiscing over old times, we gathered at Burwood Teppanyaki for a pretty fun and interactive dinner experience! For those who have been to teppanyaki before, you would know that it always involves catching food/bowls that a chef throws at you. In our case, some special few people attempted to catch their bowls of rice from across the main road of Burwood Hwy. Pretty freakin’ intense hahaha.

The night ended when we were kicked out of Pancake Parlour, after being previously kicked out of Burwood Teppanyaki.
(Not because we were rowdy or anything, but because we stayed and chatted until both of them closed!) 

♥ What an amazing club to be a part of! ♥

Monash ‘Arabian Nights’ Law Ball


Hello hello! If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve seen that Ashley and I attended the Law Ball last week.
This was the first time either of us had gone to a such a large ball and we were a little excited but overall, not really sure what to expect from it. I was quite nervous as I didn’t know any of Ashley’s JD Law friends and all the friends I knew who studied Law weren’t attending. I am not ashamed to admit that I followed Ashley around like a little puppy all night!


Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to see any photographers so you can just get my crappy phone photos.
I was pretty disappointed that I couldn’t bring my camera, but my little purse could only hold so much and had to hold something very important!! My emergency flats ahah (which are amazing omg why didn’t I get these earlier)

To be honest though, both of us agreed that this isn’t something we’ll be doing again.
The tickets were $135 per person and really just not worth it. The entire thing felt like a glamorized clubbing event that probably suited first years more? Our apparent ‘two course’ meal was really one course that came about 2 hours after the event started (I was starving lol). And the ‘unlimited drinks’ included champagne, white wine, red wine and carlton draught…. really?? Oh, they also made Sunrises with champagne ..which btw doesn’t taste that great.



My Main – some sort of chicken with mash under? The chicken was incredibly dry but everything tasted okay despite that.


This is a super shit photo but this is literally what they gave for our ‘second course’ dessert. Super wtf. It wasn’t even like I got to keep that entire plate – it was for everyone to share :|

They had two performances, Fire Twirling and Belly Dancers, which probably were entertaining if you could manage to see over the sea of heads. Not gonna lie – I would’ve just preferred a real dessert over this.

Anyway, at about 11.30pm, we all board the party bus which took us to the after party at The Emerson.
Just to clarify – we went from an all dancing club event, to a party bus, to the after party where there was more dancing. Maybe we’re getting too old but we didn’t stay too long at the after party, but rather just went back to Ashley’s to nap!

1At least I managed to get these photobooth pictures haha. Please ignore that there should be a third picture, but we weren’t ready for it so we looked incredibly derpy lolol :D

♥ ♥ ♥


Social Night: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Hello hello! How has everyone been? It’s currently SWOTVAC which means ..procrastination time!
No, but really. I’ve been meaning to post here but I’ve been a bit lazy.. But after some pestering from someone who shall not be named (/Cough Oj) I have mustered up enough energy to write this quick post!!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended SAMA’s annual Social Night yay!
This year the theme was ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ which is actually one of my favourite Shakespeare plays (I even drew a sketch of in Year 12). Anyway, Ash and I found it a bit of a challenge figuring out exactly what colour scheme we were going to choose and how we were going to incorporate the theme (without going in full costume build).

We finally decided on Gold (to represent Titania and Oberon’s royalty!) ..which was a horrible decision.
I did not realise how freaking hard it was to find a formal gold dress that 1. didn’t look like I was about to go clubbing and 2. didn’t cost me my life savings :I  BUT ALAS, Ash had already bought his (amazing) gold vest and it was too late/hard to get a refund/exchange on that I had no choice but to scour the internet and shops for something decent ;_;

I won’t go too much in to detail about my 100+ links of various gold dresses to Ash ..but just as I was about to purchase a cream dress, after nearly giving up, I remembered that a dress I had bookmarked awhile ago also came in gold!! It was actually from eBay (evilbay!) so I was slightly nervous ..but it was my best option so I just went for it!


Anyway, the night went wonderfully with an array of delicious food and entertainment.
Our table ended up winning the Table Prize  for the trivia (yay!) andddd Ashley and I both won Best Dressed Male and Female respectively. I apparently also won the random door prize but Amelia said I had won too many already :'(

So a quick pat on the back on the committee for an excellent night ♥

What is the last colour scheme you did?