Out in the Backyard

Hello amazing people. Hope all the Aussies had a good Australia Day!
And hopefully, that the rest of you lot had a good and relaxing weekend. So, I threw this outfit on really quickly the other week and took a mini adventure to a place I completely forgot about! My “extended” backyard.

Well not really in the sense that it’s private property but it is pretty much behind the back of my house.

Emerald City Sunnies, Threadless Singlet, Black Milk Volcano Leggings, Dr. Marten Boots

It was a pretty hot day so wearing those leggings were a pain after a minutes trekking in the rocky uphills. But yes, I’m not too sure exactly what you can call this place ..but it almost looks like I’m in the outback, doesn’t it? Haha. After walking a bit though, you’ll find a large oval and some dirt bike tracks. I used to come here a lot when I was a kid to ride on my bike and really just ..explore! It’s changed a lot since then (became a lot drier and not so muddy) but it’s still a little slice of heaven!! There’s hardly anyone in sight and I don’t think a lot of people know about it :) Best place ever ♥

Oh and well of course, I remembered it recently because I thought it’d be great to take pictures there!
(People say I live in whoop whoop ..and I disagree ..but when I look at these photos ..it really does look like it :P)

Brother: Nena&Pasedena Tshirt, ZiggyDenim Shorts, Vans and Rayban Sunnies

Oh and say hello to my younger brother!! He finally said he didn’t care if I posted a pic of him or not lol.
But yes, I forced him (and my dad) to come on my adventure with me ..just in case there happened to be some snakes slithering around :( But yes, I am actually happy that he bothered to pose in some photos with me !

What’s behind your house?

Oh also! A few friends and I (inc awesome bloggers Sue and Eleanor) will be down at the Camberwell Markets this Sunday selling some of our pre-loved items! If you’re free, it’ll be awesome if you came down and said hi :)

Blue Ocean Waves

Wore this outfit to a buffet cruise the other day! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and produced these stunning photos. This dress was actually bought sometime last year for around $10; I hated it for such a long time but it seemed perfect for this lovely occasion.  ♥

I’m suddenly taller

Hello dear internet lurkers and fellow procrastinators!
It is that dreadful time of the year again (exam period eek) and I hope that everyone undertaking exams at the moment is well! Special good luck to all the Year 12s who are about to graduate and take their final exams for high school! ♥

Anyway, the wonderful boyfriend took these photos last week (with my neglected 40-150mm)
I was quite excited since these are the first photos of my beloved JC Litas!! For those who don’t know, I am rather short (151cm) ..so wearing these puts things in ..a different perspective, to say the least haha. But yes, these are the best! They aren’t painful or hard to walk in at all (especially for clumsy old me) so they are my new favourite shoes!

BM Police Box Dress, YesStyle A-Line Skirt, Metal Belt, JC Lita, Tiffany&Co Necklace, Pandora Bracelet
But yes, apart from feeling exceptionally tall (or rather ..normal heighted heh) I was also wearing the wrong outfit for the weather eek. It was hot and wonderful Nylon accompanied with extra layers of the skirt and stockings ..plus boots! were making me hot like crazy. But alas, vanity kicks in, and I convinced myself that I needed to take photos in the sun before driving home and changing in to a t shirt and shorts haha. But on that note, I seem to do this often :/ As in, misinterpret the weather forecast and wear something …incredibly inappropiate. (Wore the thinnest jacket and a dress on a super cold, rainy day once because I thought it’d be warm sigh – safe to say I was sick the day after ;~;)

Oh, I’d like to point out that the boyfriend seems to be improving in his photo taking ability!!
Uh ..not that …it was ..ever ..bad heh (shifty eyes). Either way, I’m quite happy with these photos so yay! But yes, there are quite a number of blog posts lined up (always seems to happen during exam period geez) ..so hopefully I’ll be able to churn them all out methodically. I am trying to break the outing type posts with random ones in between so it is not too ..repetitive. Oh! And I do have an incredibly large giveaway coming up in November yayyy!

Uh, anyway, this seems to have been a rather pointless post apart from being vain.

What are your favourite shoes?