SAMA 10 Year Anniversary

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three years since I last posted about SAMA/MCAC!
For those who didn’t follow me back when I posted more frequently (heh), I used to post a lot about this wonderful club that I was a part of during my Uni years. I loved it so much that I was even on the committee in 2011-12.

So why am I suddenly posting about SAMA now in 2016?!
Well, September 2016 marked ‘Society for Anime and Manga’, previously known as “Monash Clayton Anime Club’ TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and to celebrate this joyous occasion, ten years worth of committee members came together!


It was such a magnificent sight to see ten years worth of generations that all played a part in building what the club is today. We had some of the oldies mingling with the youngins; and it was so awesome to see that despite the huge age difference that some of us had, we still had enough in common to hang like old friends ♥

Being on committee not too long ago meant that I was fortunate enough to already know many of the committee peeps and it really got me thinking how lucky I am to be part of something so special that about 80% of my actual friends were made through this group. I mean, you can even see Ash in the above picture which is saying a lot hahaha!!


The 2011-12 committee reunited in 2016!


Left: When we were first elected in 2011 and Right: Our final day as a committee in 2012!

Do we look the same? Hahah! It’s baffling to think that the bottom two photos were 4/5 years ago now.

Apart from taking a bunch of photos with one another and reminiscing over old times, we gathered at Burwood Teppanyaki for a pretty fun and interactive dinner experience! For those who have been to teppanyaki before, you would know that it always involves catching food/bowls that a chef throws at you. In our case, some special few people attempted to catch their bowls of rice from across the main road of Burwood Hwy. Pretty freakin’ intense hahaha.

The night ended when we were kicked out of Pancake Parlour, after being previously kicked out of Burwood Teppanyaki.
(Not because we were rowdy or anything, but because we stayed and chatted until both of them closed!) 

♥ What an amazing club to be a part of! ♥

Blind Guardian ‘Beyond the Red Mirror’

So in contrast to the previous post, I thought I would post about a completely different kind of concert :P
Earlier this year, Ash and I attended the Blind Guardian’s ‘Beyond the Red Mirror’ tour as VIP guests chyeaaaaa.


Metal concerts are a very different experience when compared to something like Big Bang. The fans are usually all big, white males who (for the most part) do not give a shit about the people around them, including little ol’ me. Of course, these same dudes like to take advantage of my height and thus feel no guilt in shoving me out of the way to get to the front. Le sigh. Thankfully I had Ash and another friend to help block them enough to allow me to enjoy listening to Hansi’s great voice!

Anyway, because of all this, I don’t actually have any (good) recordings of the concert boooo.
Seriously, it was hard enough holding on to the metal railing to try and keep me upright for the show hahaha


However, we did come away with some awesome signed goodies thanks to being VIP!
Unfortunately, the vinyl I ordered (Twilight of the Gods) didn’t arrive until after the concert so I wasn’t able to get anything I *owned* signed *cries* ..We did get Ash’s Night at the Opera vinyl and A Twist in the Myth book & lyric book signed! And all the posters we got with the VIP package, plus we received some cool t shirts.


Overall, Blind Guardian did a great performance that Ash and I both enjoyed heaps!
If you haven’t heard of them and like power metal, then I definitely recommend checking them out. Some of my favourite songs from Blind Guardian are: Twilight of the Gods, Valhalla (we continued to the tradition of singing ‘valhalla’ non stop haha), The Bard’s Song, Sacred Worlds and Sacred Mind.

Big Bang MADE in Melbourne 2015

      Hi! For those of you who know me, you would know that I am a huge fan of Big Bang!


So naturally, when they announced they were bringing their MADE tour to Australia, I flipped out and splurged on a $500 VIP ticket lol! I managed to buy two tickets (the other for Wen) during the VIP Nation Presale and omg, I was actually at work but for that 15-20 minutes before the tickets came out, I was just sitting at my desk madly clicking refresh and hoping that there would be no emergency for me to attend to lol! I was incredibly lucky that an appointment arrived ‘early’ so that after telling them to wait on the couch, I could go back to clicking for the remaining 5 minutes ahhaa. I remember the website crashing like crazy and nothing was loading. Wen and I were on the phone half-crying because things just weren’t loading lol. But I was determined… so I kept clicking and I finally checked out with two VIP tickets haha.


Frustratingly, the VIP package we got stated that numbered wristbands would be given on first come first serve basis, meaning that we had to get up super early to line up for Check In which was at 2pm. Now, Wen and I aren’t youngins anymore that can go without sleep lol …so we whinged quite a lot about this hahah.

Of course Melbourne sucks and it just had to be pouring on the day Big Bang was visiting :(
While we did pack umbrellas, we failed to pack ponchos and thus our clothes were soaking for the majority of the day ugh. Pretty sure the rain didn’t clear up until just before 2PM, so you can imagine how miserable, cold and sleepy we were feeling lol. On that note, the following picture shows exactly what I did pack!


I brought two portable phone chargers …unfortunately the powerbank wasn’t working so I only had one in the end lol

So Check In opened a little earlier at 1 or 1:30pm (I forget now) so that was all very exciting! We were in the 60s’ group, which was overall pretty good in my opinion. We received our VIP laminates and our “Specially designed Big Bang gift bag (exclusive to VIPs!)” ….which turned out to be this small packet that folds out in to a huge damn bag (see image below) that by the way was available for purchase at the merch stand lol. Exclusive my butt haha.


Ugh, well either way, the bag did come in handy as we chucked all our stuff in there then cloaked it lol.

Anyway, the cloak room was right next to the merch stand and while I told myself I wouldn’t spend any more money …I did. I caved and bought both the reversible jacket ($180) and t shirt lol ($45). The jacket was perfect though because it was really cold that day and the jacket I brought was soaking wet from the rain.


This is Wen and I wearing our matchy $180 Big Bang jackets! They’re B/W reversible ;) 

Anyway, we waited a heap more time. It was just a series of lining up and waiting, over and over again. BUT YES, finally we were let in to the venue where soundcheck began!! Wen and I managed to get second row from the front, which wasn’t too bad (except I’m short and I wish I was against the barrier) It didn’t last very long but it was amazing all the same. Since the concert was starting in ~1 hour, none of us left lol ..which made for a real terrible & squishy situation lol.


I won’t post them all here because uh, I took about 350 photos & videos on that day alone and this blog post would be way too long if I did. So I’ll just embed my favourite, but you can check out more by going to the playlist HERE


Anyway, the concert finally started and of course, it started off with Bang Bang Bang! No complaining hehe.
Okay so, my videos will be mega shaky and sometimes, out of focus. There are several reasons for this… 1) I am jumping/dancing 2) People around me are knocking in to me 3) My hands are starting to hurt like f 4) The camera man was pointing in my direction and I didn’t want to seem like a loser taking videos LOL …

And here’s a short clip of Bad Boy cos it’s one of my favs and GD ♥
I apologise that some of the videos are in portrait lol. It’s way easier holding an iPhone portrait-wise rather than landscape hahah. I obviously wasn’t thinking how stupid it would look on a computer lol!

I only recorded a couple of full songs, mainly because some of their performances left the main stage and were on side/back stages. So, the few full songs I do have are when they did their whole performance on the main stage! ♥ ♥ ♥

Man, so throughout the entire concert I had this really annoying person in front of me. She asked me numerous times to “give her space” but um EXCUSE ME, WHY DON’T YOU LOOK BEHIND YOU. I don’t have any fkn space behind me either. I don’t know if you realise but you’re at a Big Bang concert with a billion other people who are all v. excited to see them lol. Zzz anyway, if you see a head or a light stick in any of my videos, it’ll be her lol. She wasn’t the nicest person alive but whatever, I still enjoyed the concert heaps regardless of her whinging 8)

It was super sad when the concert ended and Big Bang were saying goodbye ;A;

After the amazin’ concert, I caught up with Jen from QuestJen who visited Melb to see BB too!! ♥


Please ignore how gross I look next to Jen, the beauty haha. We wanted to have post-con dins at Menya but since it was super busy, we ate at Stalactites instead …where some random BB fan stopped me to ask about my light stick cos he missed out lol. Dude, I just spent $500 on a VIP ticket + more on all this merch, I ain’t giving you my light stick -_-“


Here’s all the merch I got in the end! You can see that huge bag I was talking about before folds in to that cute pouch on the top left. A fansite also gave out some banners to wave during the concert and I managed to get Daesung’s one (really wanted GD’s banner since he’s my bias but oh well).

Overall, Big Bang was an amazing experience and I don’t regret splurging $500 at all.