Ragnar’s 1st Birthday


 Can you believe this little guy is already ONE YEARS OLD???

Adjusting to having this little guy in our lives wasn’t too hard, but definitely something new. For someone who’s never had a pet before, I really never knew how much I could love an animal until I met Ragnar. He’s brought us so much happiness over the last year, and although there’s always challenges (like how he’s the fussiest eater!!), I wouldn’t change a single thing about him!

To celebrate his birthday, I baked him a puppy-friendly pupcake filled with banana, carrots and maple syrup. He ate a bit, but to my expectation (and disappointment), he really only was interested in the cream cheese lol.


I somehow managed to get this hat on his head, and it resulted in the cutest birthday photos ever!

Apart from the pupcakes, he also got to enjoy an assortment of treats, thanks for my parents. His absolute favourite is the Venision from Wag, so that was definitely in the pile of gifts. Ash & I also took him out on a special adventure to Mathias Track in the Dandenong Mountains, which was great.

Happy Birthday little guy ♥

26: Lovers in Space

Taking a break from some video game bars, we decided to have a celestial celebration to honour me turning 17 (26) once again. Inspired by all things celestial, we got dressed in our finest interstellar attire, served cosmic concoctions and stardust snacks, whilst playing some galactic games.


I had a lot of fun dressing up for this event, as I tried my best to look as otherworldly as possible.

Most of this look is from Princess Polly, including dress, earrings and necklace. Space boots from The Iconic, and moon/star hair accessories from eBay. Made myself look a bit more odd with some Glamour Grey lenses from Beserk, and Diamond Crusher & Velvetine lipstick from Lime Crime.

Of course, no event of mine would be completed without some decoration and themed-food.


Doing my best to keep up the galactic theme, I made a range of galaxy-themed food.

It was quite hard to find much inspiration for galaxy-themed savoury food, so as you can see, there are a lot of sweets. But hey, for a event celebrating my birthday, I think it’s quite suitable.


Cosmic cupcakes

I originally intended to make galaxy coloured buttercream, but I had some struggles with piping, so I had a go at using fondant…which had a surprisingly good effect! The gold patty pans looked great with it too!


Themed Sugar Cookies made by Aileen

I was also very lucky to have one of my colleagues, Aileen, make these beautiful sugar cookies for me! They were a huge hit, and Ash was really disappointed there was any left over for the next day!


Finger Sandwiches – Chicken Mayo & Cream Cheese Cucumber

We needed some savoury, so these sandwiches became mahou sandowichi to keep with the theme haha.


Chocolate bark

While these were seemingly easy to make, I actually screwed up the first batch by not following the recipe properly (woops). Thankfully, once you do so, they’re super easy and quite effective looking with some edible glitter and star sequins. Smashing them up was also super fun to do.


Mini Pizzas – pepperoni & (just) mozzarella

Again, had to a be a bit creative to include some more savoury snacks, so these mini pizzas were actually unidentified flying pizzas (UFP…UFO). Yes, the corniness is great. 


Butter Cookies with Frosting

These were last minute decision, and as you can see, didn’t look that great. I didn’t know that Aileen was going to make her sugar cookies, so I also decided to make some crappy looking cookies. They still tasted nice though!


Galaxy Cocktail & SLURM (Mountain Dew)

If you watch Futurama, you’ll recognise these lovely (yet disgusting) Slurm drinks. To create these, I removed the labels off these lemonade bottles (lemonade going in to the galaxy cocktail), and printed off these Slurm labels, before pouring in some Mountain Dew. The Galaxy cocktail contained lemonade, vodka, blue curacao and grenadine, to give it that wonderful purplish colour (not quite pictured). Both – delicious!


We ended up choosing to serve some of Ash’s burgers too… because we like to ensure our friends are fed.

These are galaxy burgers, but really, are no different from all the other burgers that Ash has made! We thought about doing something crazy like making the buns galaxy-coloured, but we didn’t make them; we also thought about adding food colouring to the sauce…but didn’t want people to eat food colouring for no reason…so, they’re normal burgers in every sense but their name haha.

Finally, we played some fun space-games, including Lovers in Space (much recommended)

Year of the Dog

Wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! ♥
Here’s to a year filled with good luck, prosperity, success, health and happiness  <゜)))彡

◦ 恭禧发财 ◦


Chinese New Year, this year a was little busier than usual. As it isn’t hugely celebrated in my family, we usually just have casual dinner with our immediate family. However, through odd circumstances, we ended up having more people attend dinner this year, including a relative from Malaysia and Ashley, who doesn’t usually attend our CNY dinners.

Thus, for this special occasion, we decided to do Yee Sang again (first time last year)!
Hilariously, my second-cousin was very shocked that we don’t usually do Yee Sang in our household, and then laughed when he saw the amount of salmon I had put on the plate (but that’s the best bit!?!)

The night was fun, and consisted of many funny stories over delicious food.
Having more people attend dinner made me think of how life may have been different if I had grown up in Malaysia instead, or even if we had a bigger family presence here. Many customs and traditions that are our cousins are so familiar with are lost to me and my siblings. On Facebook, I see that all my aunties, uncles and cousins are visiting each other during this auspicious time of the year, having multiple dinner celebrations; whereas, in Australia, I barely know any of my cousin’s names and the only thing celebratory is this one dinner we had together as a family.

  It’s interesting how growing up in different countries can make you feel like an alien to your own family.