2014 Blogger Kris Kringle

Hello hello! Yes, it is that time of the year again – Kris Kringle timeeeee!
This year, I’m blessed to be joined by two lovely ladies, Jennifer and Jasmine to help me run this shindig ♥


For those who haven’t participated in a Kris Kringle before, I’ll give a quick explanation on how it’s all done.
Pretty much, each person who have decided to partake in this will be randomly given another name in the group to buy a gift for. In the end, each person will have bought a gift for someone and will receive a gift from someone else in the group! It’s a super fun Christmas tradition and a great way to meet new people in the blogosphere!



Look how cute my awesome blogger friends are ♥ But yes, just like last year, we will be opening this Blogger Kris Kringle to international bloggers as well! Please make sure you read the details carefully when filling the form out!

If you would like to join, please fill the form below by AEST 11:59pm 30th November 2014!
(This is the same form as Jennifer’s and Jasmine’s, so you’ll only need to fill it out once)


1. You must be a blogger with a public blog
2.The minimum you must spend is $10AUD with the maximum of $20AUD
3.  You must send the package by the latest 12th December 2014!
4.  Write your name/blog address on a card in the package! (It’s fun to make new friends!)

Disclaimer: Your postal address won’t be shared with anyone except the person buying a present for you!

We’re all super excited for this to happen again! It’s an excellent way to connect with new bloggers and a great way to spread the Christmas love, so if you’re hesitant about joining in, please don’t! It’s heaps of fun and something you won’t regret participating in :) Please feel free to share the above image around by posting it on your sidebars :)

If you have any questions or worries, please feel free to contact one of us!!

 ♥    ♥  

2013 Blogger Kris Kringle

Oh my glob. Can you believe that it’s ALREADY nearly the end of the year?!
Eesh! As tradition goes, it’s Kris Kringle time guys!!! This year, the lovely Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty will be co-hosting with me! Sadly QuestJen could not join us this year :(

For those who haven’t heard of this before, a Kris Kringle (Secret Santa) is when you are given a person (chosen by random) to buy a gift for anonymously. Every person in the group is given this until everyone would have been allocated another. In the end, everyone will be receive a gift!! And this is what we’ll be doing with YOU guys!

In the past it was restricted to Australian residents, but this year we’re welcoming INTERNATIONAL bloggers to join!

If you want to participate in this, please fill out the form below! (It’s the same form on Jasmine‘s blog!)
The deadline to participate in this is 30th Nov, and you will receive information on your KK on the 1st Dec.



1. You must be a blogger with a public blog.
2.The minimum you must spend is $10AUD with the maximum of $20AUD
3.  You must send the package by the latest 13th December 2013 !
4.  Write your name/blog address on a card in the package! (It’s fun to make new friends!)

Disclaimer: Your postal address will not be shared with anyone apart from the person buying the present for you.

We’re both super excited for this to happen and we’re hoping this will be just as amazing as all the previous Kris Kringles!!! It’s an amazing way to connect with other bloggers, and a great way to spread the Christmas love! Jasmine or I will contact everyone on the 1st December with information, so until then join in! And we recommend posting the above image on your side bars and sharing it so we can get a great variety of bloggers joining in!!! ♥

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jasmine or me!

♥  ♥  ♥

Ice Breaker

Earlier this year, I got to meet a long time reader of my blog, Natalie and her sister Kaylee ♥
As I’ve said countless of times in the past, I’ve always found it hard to meet people I’ve never communicated with properly before. But nevertheless, when an opportunity such as this appears, it is better to grasp it rather than let it slip away. In any case, I believe I made an excellent choice in choosing to meet with up with these wonderful girls!

All these photos were taken on the amazing Natalie’s camera. Thank you.

(I really need to stop wearing these stockings ..but I can’t help that I like them too muchu *__*)

Something I’ve actually noticed is how the act of camwhoring creates bonds with people.
By that I mean, silly photos and crazy faces are a good way to break down some inhibitions. Well at least, that’s how it is with me. It’s probably the fact that both people would be embarrassing themselves in public (rather than just me)

Anyway, these girls are incredibly sweet and I had a wonderful time meeting them!
Makes me think that I should actually start travelling and meeting you guys instead of waiting for you all to come to Melbourne haha. Wonder where I should head off to first though hmm? Give me some suggestions ! :D

♥ ♥ ♥