I’m a little bit too red ..

Hello hello ♥ So about a month ago I was invited to model for the Monash Photography Club by my awesome friend, Nico! And whilst I was incredibly nervous and contemplated backing out very much .. I rocked up anyway ;A;

I was determined to wear my red velvet dress despite ..my hair being red too lol!!

Mainly because I reallllllly like this dress and the only other photo I have of me wearing it isn’t that awesome/my hair turned orange (lol stupid red hair is so hard to maintain) .. so what better to get it photographed than to get it taken by a group of student photographers well actually, these are all taken by Nico/on his camera haha.

Red velvet dress (Market), Heart suspender stockings (Topshop), Lita (Jeffrey Campbell), Black bead necklace (Asos), Rose ring (Diva) and Spiked Headband (borrowed)

The above is my favourite shot of my entire outfit, and Nico so kindly helped edit it for me too :D
There were a few other models that day too, including another one of my pretty friends, Charleen ♥ As you can seeeee, we are spikey headband twinns!!! (we kept accidentally hurting each other by coming too close ;A; /lovehurts)

Apart from smiling and trying to look pretty in front of the camera, I also was assigned to a challenging mission ..which was to make Nico look like a girl ! AHA. Charleen and I spent about an hour playing with make up and the wig ..and voilà, here you have fem!Nico in all hisher glory! (He looks better as a female than I do >:U totes not fair)

Seriously though. Just look at his luscious blonde locks … wahaaha

I definitely had lots of fun doing this and am quite happy with how these photos turned out.
Feel free to ignore that out of numerous of photos, these are the only ones that are acceptable enough to be seen by the general public looll! (Why do I always look so derpy when people take photos of me ;^;)

In other news, I shall be at PAX this Saturday so please do say hello if you see me!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Asian Impressions Photoshoot

Hello everyone!! I apologize for my sudden absence from social media :(
University has just started again so I’m trying to get back in to this whole groove again!

Anyway, about a month ago, I had the opportunity to meet the man behind Asian Impressions and organise a quick photoshoot whilst he was in Melbourne. Now, I’ve never done any sort of fashion photoshoot before (all my photos are taken by Vu or myself :/) so I was …very nervous!  So, this was definitely out of my comfort zone. But, I knew that I would regret it if I turned down the offer ..so I decided to go for it despite all of my uncertainties and doubts *_* !

Asos Woodland Print Dress, Top Shop Tights, Cape, Jay Jay Hat, Collete Jewellery

Whilst I’m sure that I could’ve been a much better model, I’m quite happy with how some of the photos turned out! There are a lot more than the ones posted here, but they’re not all edited and I feel like my own edits wouldn’t live up to these!!

But yes, apart from confirming that I’m a pretty socially awkward penguin, I learnt that it’s good to take a hold of opportunities when you can. Sometimes you only get one chance to do something, so don’t hold back! There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of the unknown, but we shouldn’t let our fear dictate and restrict the way we want to lives.

What’s out of your comfort zone?

I’m suddenly taller

Hello dear internet lurkers and fellow procrastinators!
It is that dreadful time of the year again (exam period eek) and I hope that everyone undertaking exams at the moment is well! Special good luck to all the Year 12s who are about to graduate and take their final exams for high school! ♥

Anyway, the wonderful boyfriend took these photos last week (with my neglected 40-150mm)
I was quite excited since these are the first photos of my beloved JC Litas!! For those who don’t know, I am rather short (151cm) ..so wearing these puts things in ..a different perspective, to say the least haha. But yes, these are the best! They aren’t painful or hard to walk in at all (especially for clumsy old me) so they are my new favourite shoes!

BM Police Box Dress, YesStyle A-Line Skirt, Metal Belt, JC Lita, Tiffany&Co Necklace, Pandora Bracelet
But yes, apart from feeling exceptionally tall (or rather ..normal heighted heh) I was also wearing the wrong outfit for the weather eek. It was hot and wonderful Nylon accompanied with extra layers of the skirt and stockings ..plus boots! were making me hot like crazy. But alas, vanity kicks in, and I convinced myself that I needed to take photos in the sun before driving home and changing in to a t shirt and shorts haha. But on that note, I seem to do this often :/ As in, misinterpret the weather forecast and wear something …incredibly inappropiate. (Wore the thinnest jacket and a dress on a super cold, rainy day once because I thought it’d be warm sigh – safe to say I was sick the day after ;~;)

Oh, I’d like to point out that the boyfriend seems to be improving in his photo taking ability!!
Uh ..not that …it was ..ever ..bad heh (shifty eyes). Either way, I’m quite happy with these photos so yay! But yes, there are quite a number of blog posts lined up (always seems to happen during exam period geez) ..so hopefully I’ll be able to churn them all out methodically. I am trying to break the outing type posts with random ones in between so it is not too ..repetitive. Oh! And I do have an incredibly large giveaway coming up in November yayyy!

Uh, anyway, this seems to have been a rather pointless post apart from being vain.

What are your favourite shoes?