Words can hurt

In life, I’m sure we all encounter incredibly mean and stupid haters.
And just like you, I have encountered quite a number of them. I guess, it is human nature in a way to judge the people around us, which I completely understand. But what I completely do not understand is when people hate someone based on their ‘judgement’ ..and then use their words/actions to hurt another person. That sickens me.

Black Milk Not Impressed Bunny dress, Boyfriend's Shirt plus other ..accessories ♥

Now don’t get me wrong, when it’s fun and games between friends, it’s all cool.
But when it’s a complete attack on one person to another, and someone feels victimized ..it’s not on.

Let’s explain this a bit further, shall we? So, say you saw the picture I posted above without knowing me.
What are your first thoughts? She’s a TB? She’s seeking attention? She dyes her hair red, she must hate being Asian? Those thoughts are all completely fine upon first look, I would say. But, what makes it wrong is when you act on those actions. Leaving nasty comments that could hurt another is disgusting, in my honest opinion. Behind the anonymous mask, you may not think that your words mean anything but on the receiving end, it does hurt. I say this out of experience.

Random Info: This is my new hair guise! It's shorter and has been dyed red ;)

Now, firstly, if you know me, you would know I don’t usually look like this.
But even if I did, there shouldn’t be a problem with it. Right? I constantly see people commenting on a way someone is dressed, that they shouldn’t wear a particular set of item because they don’t look ‘attractive in it’. I think that is complete  stupidity; people should be able to dress however they want (within all laws and regulations hah).

Back to the point, words may not seem like much, but they are.
And trust me when I say, they can lead to terrible things. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to someone. Don’t be the push that someone may need to take that step further to take a life – their own or even someone else’s. In fact I recommend that everyone should watch Cyberbully. It may seem over dramatized, but it does happen.

Have you been bullied before?

I’ve been bullied countless times online and in real life.
Also, these photos were taken for Joani‘s Black Milk “Kawaii Challenge” which isn’t up yet!

Edit: I just want to add that I haven’t been cyberbullied recently but thank you to all those who seemed concerned! I just wanted to bring awareness to cyberbullying as I don’t think it should be something to overlook :)

Blogger’s Life

Being a blogger isn’t easy as most people think it is.
Some people would think that a day in a blogger’s life would just include a few photos being taken, type up a quick post and ta~da! But alas, I am sure most of us can agree that it takes more than just ..15 minutes to publish a blog post. I even admit that it takes me around 3-4 hours just to publish a blog post (not inc photo taking..)

Yup, this is an old photo and that isn't even my camera I'm holding ..but this I kind of look like this ..most of the time?

So yes, here are just a few (exaggerated) illustrations of what being a blogger is like for me ♥
Disclaimer: All artwork belongs to me and were drawn on le iPad

So ..this is exactly how I feel like right now. Just a few days ago, I was wondering what I was going to blog about because I wasn’t doing anything interesting and hadn’t taken any nice photos. And now suddenly I have so many things to do ;A; What’s worst is that I don’t like spamming blog posts so this will take a few weeks ;;

And ..a few problems that occur when Vu and I go out to eat..
Although, I should mention that Vu doesn’t get annoyed when I take ages taking a photo of our lunch or anything! So yay for an awesome and understanding boyfriend hehe. Taking food photos with anyone else is much too troublesome..

Ahem. Yes, I can be quite vain sometimes ehe. But I think you guys get what I meant?
I feel like I am obliged to take photos when my make up and hair looks good! Because ..it is so rare to find me wearing contact lenses, falsies, and the whole make up business thing. Always grasping the opportunities!

..and this is why I hardly have pretty outfit photos
But seriously ..how the heck do you guys manage to stand in front of randoms and pose and look pretty and eee?! It’s just so damn awkward! But yes, this picture will explain why the next one happens haha.

If anyone ever wanted to know what I look like when I’m blogging…this is it.
Yup, I’m actually wearing this exact pyjamas right now haha. But urgh, yes ..this always happens. No matter how many photos I take in a day ..I’ll probably only end up liking 2. Although, as you can see my dilemma ..this is probably due to the previous point I made. BUT, this happens all the same with other photos too! Bad lighting, blurry photos, wrong angle…

But yes, I hope you enjoyed my crazy (exaggerated) illustrations about my blogger life..
I’m nearly positive that nearly all of you will agree with at least one of my points! I can’t be the only one!! Haha ;)

Tell me something about your blogger life

I might do another post with more illustrations …when I can be bothered sitting on my bed for hours drawing on the iPad.

Certain Feminists..

What exactly is ‘feminism’? Google gives me the definition:
The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Disclaimer: Everything written here is my own opinion

If we look at the definition, it simply states that women should have equal rights to men. If this is the case, then why do I see so many self-proclaimed feminists out there screaming that ‘All men suck!’ or ‘Men should be enslaved!’ ? Is it not equally as wrong to put down men, just as some men have done so to women? Is that not just sexism in itself?

I am all for men and women having equal rights in education, work and society.
But the fact is that, there are some self-proclaimed feminists that I could certainly live without.

Seeing a working woman is absolutely brilliant, but sometimes they too can act pompous.
Some ‘feminists’ think that being something as simple as a ‘housewife’ should be shamed upon. Is it so wrong for a woman to love her family and be fine with her husband being the breadwinner? No. Again, it comes down to being able to make your choices. To be a housewife or a mother is no less important than striving to be a working woman. Just because she chose this path, does not mean she is any less for woman equality than you are. If she wants to put on an apron, make her husband happy and care for her children – it is up to her. It’s her own choice.

There is nothing worthless about a woman who prefers to have a family to take care of rather than work.

I sometimes see other women angry over the fact that certain movies do not have female heroes.
An example of this would be the recent (awesome) movie ‘The Avengers’ and about how Black Widow was nothing but a sexy background character who could be Iron Man or Thor’s backup. Apart from those statements being inaccurate; I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. There are other movies to which a woman is the main hero, so I think that if you want to watch something which portrays that, then go do it. Do not criticize a movie for their lack of female heroes.

Women rights are important, but that doesn’t mean you can act so self righteous.

Again, everything I have said is my own opinion.
Feel free to leave your own opinion in the comments below.