ABC it’s easy as 123


Hello hello! Life can be such a mystery sometimes…
When I was in high school, I had so many visions of what the future would be like; from my career to my social life. Then life comes along and just tips your whole world upside down. As an adolescent, I repeatedly said that I would never ever teach because my patience wore thin and I thought kids were annoying brats. But now here we are in 2014. I work at Childcare/Kindergarten and watching a toddler read out the Alphabet can brighten up my whole day!

I don’t look good in a lab coat anyway… 

Company of one.

「明日もずっとその先も 君といたいだけ」

Hello hello hello! How’s everyone been since my incredibly long absence ahem.
I’ve been quite busy with work, uni and life in general :/ But in all of that, I’ve finally obtained my driving license hurrah! (Yes, finalllyy I hear you all say haha) But yes, it really does seem like time is just flying by :/ Eeesh.

Anyway I’ve been thinking a whole lot about being an introvert ever since Ling posted a link on fb the other day.
I’m not sure if most people realise it but I’m actually quite the introvert and it’s really easy for me to crawl in to my shell at any time. It takes effort to come out and try be the social butterfly that so many others around me are.

Quite a short post today because it’s late and I need to get to sleep!
I miss blogging so I’ll definitely be aiming to write a few more posts in the coming days.

Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?

Writer’s Block

I quite feel like I have writer’s block right now.
As you may have noticed, I haven’t written in over a week. I guess its partly due not having really done anything interesting lately, to ‘I just have no idea what I want to write about’. It’s actually a pretty terrible feeling.

When I think about it, I’m not too sure what exactly induces me to write.
People ask me from time to time how I’ve managed to keep a blog for so many years, and how I even have things to write about all the time. And truth be told, I’m not really sure. There are times when I have a billion different ideas on what to write about, and the rest is just me writing about certain things I’ve done (outfits, birthday, date etc)

In other news, it’s finally Spring which means it’s getting warmer in Australia yay!
Although on that note, it’s not actually getting much warmer and I think I might be getting sick haha.

This was one of my favourite outfits in the last month although it wasn’t a very warm outfit. (Also should mention that this isn’t my room but rather my brother’s. Mine isn’t never that neat and is cluttered with things ;A; haha)
Well, I can’t think of what else to write about so I’ll just leave it like this.

What do you guys do when you have writer’s block?