Sleep Paralysis

For quite a number of years, I have suffered from something called “Sleep Paralysis
(Also can be known as a “ghost sitting on you” while you sleep)
If you’ve never had it before (lucky), and had no idea of its existence before having it, it is a very very frightening experience. Although the experience is harmless, it can be pretty traumatising. 
Basically Sleep Paralysis (or REM Atonia) is basically not being able to move for a few seconds/minutes upon falling asleep or waking up. It’s like you’re trapped in between reality and dream world. Sometimes, it can take upon a whole new level (which has happened to me unfortunately) in where you may hear or think you sense something near you. (ie, I sometimes think someone is standing over my bed or someone talking to me when there really is no one)
It’s pretty much being in a PANIC state of mind.
When I’m in that state, my first course of action is trying to lift or move my hand which usually occurs to no avail/I usually can’t sleep for awhile after suffering from a paralysis because I’m pretty much scared to close my eyes.
When you’re experiencing this just after sleep; it’s because you still remain aware/awake while the body is shutting down for REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. (Hypnagonic or Predormital Sleep Paralysis)
When it’s just after waking up, it’s because you’ve become aware too early; before the REM sleep cycle has completed. (Hypnopompic or Postdormital Sleep Paralysis)
* Unfortunately, I suffer from both*
So, after years of having this, I’ve figured out the cause of my Sleep Paralysis (Hypnagonic one) and the cure of it.
Pretty much, Sleep Paralysis occurs for me when I sleep in an upright position, as in, sleeping on my back and face up. Whenever I sleep like this, I WILL be paralysed. And it sucks. And it’s scary. The only way I can get out myself out of it is if I somehow shock my body in to waking up or turn on to my side. (which by the way is very very very hard considering I’m “paralysed” – at least by my mind)
And that’s where my personal cure comes in.
As long as I sleep on either of my sides holding something pressed against my chest (Tofu Plushie ♥) then I will sleep peacefully. Although, this also causes problems as sleeping on my sides ends up hurting my arms. But I would rather that, than being paralysed. It is absolutely the worst feeling ever.
I’m usually okay with it now as I know how to counter it; but there are times that it gets so bad that I end up crying when I wake up. It’s like …my heart gets a huge ..shock? And I can’t breathe? I don’t know.
Sometimes just before I experience this, I’m having a pretty vivid dream which is “normal” but feels freakishly like a nightmare. (ie, walking in a shopping centre but the skies are grey and I’m alone and something is “out there”?)
♥ ♥ ♥
Have you ever experienced Sleep Paralysis before?

I’m sorry this post was quite ..spooky in some way. But, it’s been bugging me for years and I thought I’d share my experiences. And that if you ever experience it in the future, you will know what it is – and not panic. Just remember, it’s all in your “head”. //Also, my flooring is done ~ ♥

Senses; TASTE

This post should be the first of a series that I should be undertaking that will help you and me with getting to know our Sensory Systems. However, if I somehow deem it not useful or not interesting enough; I won’t continue it. :)
TASTE (a.k.a Gustation)
As a part of my University degree, Biomedical Science, I’m required to learn about some interesting properties about our sensory systems. And today, I’d like to teach you all about the most common form of sensory; Taste. (yummmmm)
There are five basic tastes that we know as of today.
Sweet (this taste usually indicates energy rich nutrients), Salty (allows modulation diet for electrolyte balance), Bitter (allows the sensing of natural toxins), Sour (typically the taste of amino acids) and Umami (the taste of amino acids).
(Umami is a new taste that was discovered recently by the Japanese)
Anyway, I know that many of you have heard about the “taste map” that is on our tongues.
But new studies show that this map is well ..wrong
Because there should not be any sort of localization on the tongue; and hence all the tastes should be distributed evenly across the tongue. Although, it is true that certain regions are slightly more sensitive to certain tastes than others; but basically – it’s evenly spread across your tongue !
(This error occurred when there was a mistranslation of a German paper in to English*-*)
So have you ever wondered why sometimes you could think Miso Soup tastes good; when someone else might think it tastes too sour? And this could very well be a huge problem; especially if you’re the cook of the house ;) Well, basicaly, this happens because of your threshold. Each person has their own threshold to how much they can handle of a certain taste. (like how much you can handle sour!)
Think of it as, the more you eat a certain taste; the more “used” to it you will be.
 And hence, this is where “ADAPTATION” comes in !
Your tongue has an amazing ability to adapt to higher levels of the same taste (ie, salt) So, the more you eat ..say, a lemon. The more adaptive your tongue becomes; and your threshold increases so that you will be able to intake a higher level of concentration before thinking it’s way toooooo sour.
There’s also CROSS ADAPTATION, which explains why the above taste map is completely wrong. It’s pretty much is; if you have a high intake of say ..sugar; your threshold for something that is sour becomes lower because your taste receptors become more sensitive to this new taste. Hence, this shows that your taste receptors are not specific to only one taste :)
♥ ♥ ♥
But, did you know that, your body can recognize a “deficiency”? So the next time you’re craving salt, it might just mean that you really are lacking it !
What taste are you most accustomed with?
and have you ever thought something tasted fine, when others thought it tasted too much of a taste?
I think mine would be either sweet or salt. Which are both probably bad things ._.
Hence I always think things taste too bland when everyone else is like tooo saltyyy!!