Sushi Shenanigans

Throughout lockdown, I craved sushi.

I know I could’ve gotten it delivered, and I did… but there’s just something about lockdown and making food, ya know? Thus, in lockdown fashion, what better way to celebrate my birthday than by making our own lunch.

As you can see, we were a tad ambitious… and I blame the fact that we’ve been bombarded with delicious food posts on Facebook and Instagram this entire year!

With fresh salmon from the market, it was imperative that we made salmon cream cheese. This is my favourite combination, and sadly not common enough for me to buy it regularly enough. 

If you look closely enough at the top picture, we also made salmon and avocado for Lynn.. but I really don’t quite understand the appeal, especially when salmon cream cheese exists in this world.

We also made some gimbap. As a child, I was always happy to see sushi rolls in my lunchbox; as an adult, I realise that my mum was actually making gimbap (she learnt from a Korean friend). Naturally, in reminiscence of my own childhood, I bought daikon and burdock to replicate this.

We also bought this.. mostly because it was beautiful and we were keen for some caviar. It may not have been the right type for ikura gunkan, but… we did it anyway

Seriously, look how beautiful this is?! 

I was not disappointed and may have even eaten some spoonfuls of caviar by itself…!

We also had a range of other things that weren’t made by us, including fresh salmon, ebi tempura, ebi tempura maki, edamame and seaweed salad. While it was a great birthday treat, it definitely took longer than expected and I was so hungry by the time we were done!

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