Review: White Mojo Plus+


It is with great sadness that I must write yet another bad review about a restaurant.
The worst part about it is how good the food actually looks and the fact that there have been many others who absolutely enjoyed their time at White Mojo Plus+, Glen Waverley.

As someone who has frequented Kingsway nearly her whole life, I was quite excited when I heard that White Mojo was opening a branch up in Glenny! Finally, a trendy cafe that served good food that didn’t require me to drive 20 plus minutes to get to! Alas, such dreams were quickly shattered after my first experience here.


I visited in late 2017 with my good friend, Lynn, who like me was excited to be WOW’d by White Mojo Plus+ (especially with multiple people having told me to go check it out after they had a positive dining experience there!)! As you can see, Lynn will share her comments in purpleas we review this tragedy together…

But before we get in to the food, the aesthetics of the place was really nice and really reminded me of a trendy, hipster cafe you would find in Fitzroy. The store took over the previous Asian grocer, Glorymart, which if you ever visited it, was actually quite a large space, so White Mojo Plus+ could definitely fit in the crowds! The space felt really under-utilised though, as the tables were all quite small and spaced quite far apart, but I guess it was great for aesthetic purposes.

We were really excited about the wide range of options they had on their menu,  so we decided to get two main dishes and one extra to share. However, the waiter who was taking our orders told us that he would recommend that we get at least five dishes as their portion sizes were “quite small”. As hungry as we were, five dishes sounded a bit much for two people… but we also didn’t want to end up with too little food, so we decided to go add an extra bowl of chips to fill us up. 

Note: Their menu and prices have changed since our visit (we didn’t get chips with our sliders for example).


Kingsway Crab Roll – Soft shell crab, kimchi & kohlrabi slaw, pickled cucumber and chipotle mayo

Although reminiscent of a lobster roll, the choice of ingredients created an Asian-fusion flavour palette, which I am really not a huge fan of. The soft shell crab and mayo with the roll themselves were quite enjoyable, but only after I removed the slaw on top, which included seaweed salad. I understand where White Mojo Plus wanted to go with this, but it just didn’t quite appeal to me. Although I wasn’t a big fan of the slaw either, I’d probably have been more displeased had it been served without, as it would have simply looked like those $2 prawn rolls that you can get from Breadtop next door! I’m not sure if the slaw warrants the extra cost though. 


Double Cheese Chilli Fries –  Thick cut chips, cheese sauce, chilli con carne, sour cream and shaved parmesan.

Lynn and I very clearly remember saying and pointing to the bowl of chips which was only $9.50, so you can imagine our surprise when this plate showed up! You could say that we were both too shocked to say anything at the time, but also that I was tempted by the sour cream and jalapeno. In hindsight, I am very glad that we decided to keep this as it ended up being the only thing I really enjoyed. In saying that, I have definitely had a lot tastier chilli cheese fries at other establishments!


Bubble Gum Wagyu Slider – Bubble gum candied bacon, fried onion rings, charcoal aioli, cheddar, cornichon

In hindsight, bubble gum wagyu does sound quite crazy and I don’t know what we were expecting when we ordered it. But it was probably precisely the crazy factor that made us want to try it out! It was quite forgettable though, and hardly anything to write home about. 


I had high hopes for the last dish when it came out, because I’m one of those weird people that like my food extra charred even though I know that eating too much of it is supposed to be bad for you! The marinade was tasty enough but the meat tasted/smelled “old”, kind of like meat with freezer-burn. To make things worse, the onion rings also smelled of “used oil”, which was really disappointing.

This was definitely a very  sad and disappointing way to end our four meals for the night. I absolutely hate that “fridge/freezer” taste, so this last meal was actually inedible for me. For a place that was so highly rated, Lynn and I were baffled at the experience we had just gone through…

We were quite glad we did not listen to the waiter’s recommendation that we ordered five dishes, because we could barely even finish the four we had – whether because of the portion sizes (which turned out to be pretty standard) or the rather underwhelming flavour, I don’t know. But given how much the meal was going to cost us, we still didn’t want to waste a single morsel of food!

Unfortunately, our plans for a ready-made lunch for the next day was ruined when the waiter said they cannot allow us to take-away any food as they did not have a takeaway food license. I would not have been quite as miffed about this, if not for the fact that we only ended up with extra food because the waiter pushed us into ordering more than we could reasonably finish in the first place!


Whilst neither of us were 100% satisfied with the meal, we didn’t want to make a big fuss out of it so we decided to let it slide when the staff asked how our meal was. The staff, however, did not seem to be satisfied with our somewhat non-committal responses and kept pushing quite forcibly for us to elaborate, asking us for specific comments about each of the dishes we ate. Worse still, we were subjected to similar overenthusiastic questioning by two more staff members on our way out. Whilst I can appreciate their desire to improve, I thought it was a really weird way of doing so.

As new kids on the block, I was really disappointed in how this meal went.

I am unsure whether it was due to the fact that we chose to visit during dinner time, instead of brunch… but regardless, food and flavour should not be affected by the time of day.

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