Bruges by Boat


Ash and I travelled to Europe recently and one of the cities we visited was Bruges in Belgium.
The city was incredibly charming and it was no surprise that Ashley and I fell in love with it very quickly, deeming it one of our favourite cities, despite being there for only a day.

One of the highlights of our trip was definitely taking the boat ride at night down the beautiful canals of Bruges. At €8 per person, it is something that we both strongly recommend doing if you are ever in this wonderful city!



The boat tour was very enjoyable, and the idyllic ride really gave us a different view of Bruges.
Our guide was also very informative, pointing out different landmarks and explaining the history behind them. He also included some interesting personal information about some of the houses that we passed by too!

The water looked very calm, so much so that Ash had to go and mess it up by soaking his gloves and subsequently me as well…



Belfort Van Brugge – The medieval bell tower in the centre of Bruges

While Venice is famous for their canals, I’d dare say Bruges was just as beautiful!
This holds true especially when you compare the bustling, touristy streets of Venice with the comparatively untouched beauty of Bruges.

I am very thankful that my European blogger friends, Mei and Elisa recommended Bruges to us!
Although I am quite sad that due to our decision of visiting Belgium over Netherlands, we unfortunately missed our opportunity to meet in person (after 7-8 years of knowing one another online!)

Netherlands is definitely a destination that we will visit the next time we head to Europe though.


Ash and I pretty much knew nothing about this wonderful city, and so the trip definitely exceeded our expectations. We have even both agreed that it is a city we must revisit and to definitely allocate more time to explore it too.

If only Australia wasn’t so far away from the rest of the world!

What European country would you like to visit?

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