Madman Anime Festival 2017


The above picture sums up my time at Madman Anime Festival.
Jokes, it wasn’t all that bad …but no, there were some pretty sucky parts about Madman this year. Apart from not winning a good Ichiban Kuji (unlike last year), there were a couple of factors that made the whole event quite disorganised and thus, left quite a sour taste in our mouths!


The voice actress of Tosaka Rin from the Fate franchise, Kana Ueda came down and Ash being an avid Fate fan was quite excited to see her! Unfortunately, it seemed that unless you were 1) VIP or 2) willing to line up at 6am, there wasn’t any chance of getting her. I think we both agree that we would much rather Supanova’s procedure and just have signings cost so that there isn’t just a MAD RUSH for signature tokens.

We were unfortunately disappointed both days and didn’t receive a signature token for her at all :'(
We did, however, get a signature token each for Shinichiro Watanabe, the director of Cowboy Bepop. He was an excellent sport and even allowed us to take a snap with him. Coincidentally, I also won the Madman twitter contest and won another bluray signed by him (which I gave to Ash, as he likes Cowboy Bepop more than I do)


We also got to watch the Australian premiere of Fate/Stay Night [Heaven’s Feel] I. presage flower, which was really awesome! Despite us being far back in the line, we somehow got great seats near the front and although I actually haven’t watched any Fate before, I really enjoyed the movie!


Our loot! Ash bought a scat nendoroid, while I got a cute Sakura nendoroid co-de!

I’m not sure if we’ll attend Madman Anime Festival next year. That’s two years a in row that we’ve now striked out on guest signature tokens…

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