Year of the Rooster!


My Chinese New Year this year was spent undertaking placement in the Kinder Room at my Early Learning Centre!
I taught the children the popular song, “Gong Xi Ni’, as well as the cute hand action to go along with it. As our ELC is predominantly Asian, many of the children knew the song already and the translation behind the lyrics (more so than me heh). It was great to see them so proud of their language and culture, especially when they were teaching the other children the words and actions.

Another special thing that happened this CNY was my family’s first yee sang.


Yes, I know what you’re thinking. How the heck is this girl Malaysian and has never done yee sang with her family?! Well, after moving to Australia all those years ago, my parents just never bothered to keep up with any of the traditions and thus, we never did yee sang!

My awesome friend Agnes was just coming back from M’sia, shortly after CNY, so she kindly bought this wonderful packet of Yee Sang for me to share with my family (thank youuuuu!). It was a wonderful, yet slightly awkward, experience for us, but nevertheless, something that I’d definitely remember fondly.

 Hope you all have a prosperous new year! <“)))><

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