Forever 17 Episode III: Revenge of the Merodi

I had a rad, retro-gamin 25th birthday at Pixel Alley, Fitzroy!
I had heard a lot about Pixel Alley when they first opened, but their location in Fitzroy always put me off a bit because it’s always hard to get to for us SE’siders. But for my 25th, I decided to make the journey, and damn, it was awesome.



In comparison to my 24th at Batronica, my experience at Pixel Alley was a lot better.
The staff at Pixel Alley were so much more accommodating and were generally interested in me having a good time at my birthday, without feeling like I was forced to spend big bucks there. For no payment, I was able to reserve a table of 25, get 100 free game tokens to use, and I also received a free birthday drink, complimentary to the nice bartender!

 This is all in comparison to the shit treatment I received from Batronica despite paying $200 for games and drinks.
(The machine definitely ate up some of my $$$ too, but the staff refused to help me out with it)


Pixel Alley also had a sweet af set-up, as you can see in these pictures.
The drinks were actually tasty, and included some pretty interesting alcoholic milkshakes and bubble tea! AND they also teamed up with Burger Boys to serve some delicious food to game with!


Despite being all the way in Fitzroy, I would definitely recommend checking out Pixel Alley!
It has a sick af vibe, awesome staff, delicious food and drinks, and a great selection of arcade games to keep you occupied all night. I’m not one to repeat birthday venues but I am definitely tempted to come back to Pixel Alley!


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