Madman Anime Festival

 Madman Anime Festival was held on 2-4 September 2016 at the MCEC!
I haven’t been to an Anime con in awhile so I was pretty excited to hear Madman announcing their first ever con, especially after I heard they’d be having guests from Animes like Evangelion, One Punch Man and SAO.

The best part was Edel was coming down from Sydney especially to attend the Madman Anime Fes :)


As pretty much all the cons in Australia, all the same Anime and Hobby shops were there, plus the local Artists area.
However, to ensure the Madman really brought the ‘Japan’ experience, there were some extra attractions and activities to do too! Apart from the awesome stars, there were a Tokyo Ghoul Exhibition, One Punch Man Experience, Itashi car display, Ban Presto and the amazing Ichiban Kuji!





So Ichiban Kuji is a lottery held monthly by Banpresto! Tickets usually cost around ¥500 and you have the opportunity to win some pretty amazing things! At Madman Anime Festival, they held a couple of lotteries over the weekend that Ash and I were super excited to participate. To start, we both bought tickets for the Dragon Ball lottery!

Dun dun duhhhh…Ash won the G prize and I wont the I prize hahaha!


Ash’s one actually looks pretty awesome whereas my one isn’t that amazing hahaha! Still cute though!

After walking around a bit more, we decided to try our luck oneeee more time and buy another lottery ticket. While Ash chose the Dragon Ball set again, I decided to try for the One Piece one (even though I stopped watching that ages ago). I remember the attendant asking, which one of us was more lucky, to which I responded with Ash hahaha

…which was true because while I won the B Prize, Ash won the A Prize!! 


Pretty damn awesome! It is quite unfortunate that I don’t watch OP and Idk what to do with this Mihawk lol!

The rest of the weekend was spent attending panels (the One Punch Man panel was amazing and Makato Furukawa was incredible!); buying random merch; watching Love Live! and not liking it (lol sorry lovelivefans!!!); and getting stuff signed! We were pretty disappointed to unfortunately miss out on autographs from the One Punch Man guests; thankfully I did manage to get a SAO light novel signed by some of the creative staff while Ash got a bluray signed by the Japanese seiyuu of Asuka from Evangelion!


 Overall, the experience was kind of fun but aside from actually attending signings and panels, there wasn’t that much to do. We would definitely attend again next year but might reconsider a weekend pass depending on the event schedule.

And who knows, maybe I’ll even cosplay again :P

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