Three Monkeys Place, Doncaster East

I actually really like going to cafes – the food is usually amazing, they turn out great in photos and the ambiance is usually perf – but, the only problem I have with cafes is that so many of them are only open until 4pm! I’m not an early bird and I finish work at 5 so it’s usually pretty impossible to go unless I go on the weekends (but that’s for sleeping in!).

However, when I heard Three Monkeys Place was just down the road from work, I thought I’d better give it a shot.
So one lovely (early) morning, I woke up an hour earlier just to have breakfast at 3MP with Zuz!


I think you can see from the above photo that despite that coffee not being enough for the day, it was def worth it!
To ensure I ordered a sweet breakfast, I made sure I had one piece of bacon at home before coming haha! It’s always so frustrating when I want to try the sweet stuff but then just crave eggs and bacon when I go to cafes!

I ordered the Sweet Monkey while Zuz ordered the Brioche French Toast


Sweet Monkey: Roti pancakes, banana, mixed berries, crumble, mascarpone & maple syrup (v)

I am not a huge fan of banana, but this dish was absolutely delicious! I did not regret my decision at all.
The roti pancakes were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, making for a scrumptious texture mixed a long with the mascarpone and maple syrup mmmm. The mixed berries and crumble surrounding the plate was super yummy, and tasted great when all mixed together in a single bite. Definitely recommend this!

 My coffee was pretty good, but I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have caramel for my latte.


Brioche French Toast: with banana, mixed berries compote, vanilla ice cream and white clover honey sauce

Forgive me if the name or description is wrong because I can’t find this exact dish on their menu anymore! It seems like it is replaced by Matcha French Toast, which is something I would be very keen to try!

I only had a couple of bites of this dish but the brioche french toast was incredibly yummy, and tasted great paired along with the berry compote and ice cream. However, the white clover honey sauce was pretty bad – neither Zuz or I liked it at all. I can’t remember the exact words we said at the time, but I  do remember us comparing it to some sort of cleaning detergent…so yes, I recommend this dish as long as you don’t have to eat the honey haha.

Overall, big thumbs up for Three Monkeys Place! Definitely worth waking up that extra hour early.

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