24th Birthday

Celebrated my 24th birthday last year in retro gamin’ style at Bartronica!
Bartonica was an awesome gem I found that housed some pretty slick retro arcade games, plus some old school Mario Kart/Smash on the N64. Ignoring some issues I had with them, it was a pretty sick place and would definitely go back!


Considering I never really had a proper 21st, I decided to use this as an excuse to go all out for my 24th.
As Bartronica was a retro gaming bar, I decided to make the Mario question block and fill it with hand-sewn (kill me) pouches that had the iconic ‘health’ heart pixel drawn on and filled with a surprise of 1-3 gold coins to use on the arcades! I wish I had a photo of the pouches I made, but just know I put a lot of effort in to them lol.

Photos speak louder than words so please enjoy the following awesome photos I have thanks to Nico & Cindy!






It was a pretty awesome night and I’m so thankful for everyone who showed up to celebrate with me ♥
It’s really special events like these that you remember how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many wonderful people! With my birthday coming up again, I am keen for another filled of fun and games with the same lot of awesome kids.

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