Drink with Me: Pepsi Sakura

Hello! So I was pretty upset when I found out Pepsi released a ‘Sakura’ flavour in Japan for Spring after we returned back to Melbourne. Thus I was super excited when I found a bottle at Tokyo Hometown, which by the way is an amazing Japanese store in the CBD that can cure post-Japan snack cravings haha ♥

pepsi sakura


While the drink was a super cute pink with a pretty design, the taste unfortunately did not live up to its hype.

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting but the resulting flavour of Pepsi and Cherry Blossom ended up tasting rather odd. At first sip, you are met with the familiar fizzy sensation of Pepsi, but are then suddenly left with an overwhelming taste of too much sugar and a tinge of a peach aftertaste.

Overall, I was quite bummed by this but hey, it was a fizzy drink and I still ended up finishing the whole thing ♥


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