PAX AUS 2015

Belated but it doesn’t matter because all PAX events deserves a post.
As always, Ash and I attended 3 days and learning from 2014’s mistakes, stayed until closing each day. We endeavoured to do everything we wanted so that we would have no regrets when PAX inevitably ended. This of course meant that I got terribly sick by the end of it, but thank goodness I planned ahead and took the Monday off work to recover haha.


 Outfits inc: Poprageous Comic Holster Leggins, Black Milk Cthulu Leggings & Black Milk Rainbow Space Invaders dress.

One of the highlights about PAX is the amount of things you can do. There’s heaps of different games to try out – from new releases, indies, work in progresses, and table top games.  And you can even get to speak to some of the game designers themselves.  There’s a whole room filled with free play video and table top games. There’s many different panels with awesome topics to check out. There’s amazing cosplays everywhere you go! There’s competitions and giveaways. There’s miniature painting workshops and so much more!





While PAX is amazing and I’d say there isn’t much they could do to make it better, I will say they can improve on WHO is in the Exhibition Hall. Compared to 2014, there were a heap more computer developers AND the shops that sold them (eg. Asus and Harvey Norman?!) taking over this area, and while I can understand why they would be there, it seemed like all we could see no matter where we looked were promotions and giveaways. I definitely would prefer to see more video and tabletop developers at PAX. Hopefully that will change this year!


The signs at PAX always say ‘Welcome Home’, and it truly feels like that when you step in.
While I am not the biggest gamer myself, I feel that I am part of this ‘geeky’ culture and being amongst people who have the same interests as you always feels great. It’s only 5+ more months until PAX 2016, and it’s something I’m definitely looking forward to!

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