Eat with Melody & Irene: Giant Pocky!

Hello hello! If you follow my instagram, you would know that I went to Japan earlier this year with Ash. Being the food-crazy person I am, I came home with a suitcase and 8kg shipped package filled with snacks hehe. While I have heard not so great reviews about the Giant Pocky …it was too much of a novelty not to pass up.


So here’s another Eat with Me post, featuring one of my coolest friends, Irene ♥ Her thoughts and opinions will be coloured in purple. 

For those travelling to Japan, you can buy Giant Pocky at the Glico Store, located at Tokyo Station. I definitely recommend checking out Tokyo Station to see all the wonderful and delicious souvenirs you can buy. I actually visited Tokyo Station alone, as Ash was too busy exploring Nakano Broadway, so I had no one to control my crazy shopping spree hehe. It was definitely awkward carrying so many bags on the train ride back woops.


From left to right, we have Chocolate, Melon, Grape, Strawberry and Matcha. All pretty normal flavours hey?

As you can see, the giant pocky are individually wrapped in colours that represent the tasty flavours inside. You get 3 of each flavour, so there’s a total of 15 Giant Pocky in a box! Keep that in mind if you were planning on sharing it or not!


First up, Grape and Matcha! Of course, the Matcha was delicious and reminded me of the good ol’ normal sized versions. Except with considerably more biscuit in a bite.

Grape tasted just like someone had taken a grape candy, melted it, and then dipped a pocky biscuit stick into it. Which wasn’t altogether a bad thing, once you got over the slight strangeness of a ‘grape biscuit stick’. While I agree with Irene, I actually really liked the unique flavour of Grape instantly – although this may be because I love grape candies too heh. The grape pocky was tangy, and also had tsubu tsubu on it, which are like little clumps of (?flavour) over it which gave the pocky an interesting texture.


Next we have Chocolate and Strawberry, both which are flavours that are already quite well known. Like matcha, both of these taste like their regular sized versions, just in jumbo size and more biscuit. The strawberry pocky also had tsubu tsubu, which always gives it an extra layer of texture and taste! I definitely always prefer pocky that have tsubu tsubu over any smooth coated one.


Finally, we have the strangest flavour in the box …melon!

Melon was the same as Grape – it tasted exactly how it was meant to, and was quite nice, though after trying it it became clearer why matcha, chocolate and strawberry were the standard flavours. This definitely wasn’t one of my favourite flavours, but as Irene said, it tasted how it was meant to – fruity and melon~y.

♥   ♥   ♥

So there you have it – 5 different flavoured pocky in jumbo size! Would I buy them again? Probably not for self consumption, but maybe as a novelty gift or souvenir to bring back from Japan! As the matcha, strawberry and chocolate (not sure about grape) are all readily available in Australia in regular sized form (which is definitely more of a convenient size for snacking), I think I’ll just with that for now!

Overall, a very exciting foray into the exciting world of pocky variations.

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