Happy Belated Lunar New Year

As per tradition, I took a Chinese New Year themed photo to celebrate the lunar new year!


However, considering I left for Japan about 3 days later and didn’t return to Aus until ~2 weeks later. I completely forgot about it and then days turned into weeks…and now we’re at the end of March! Haha. Either way, after some positive responses on twitter I decided not to let it go to waste, so here it is~

Decided to hold some oranges (or are they mandarins? I don’t remember) to change things up a bit ♥
Only going to bother posting this one photo as it seems all the rest are in the same pose or blurry anyway haha.


Apart from my first year of life, I grew up in Australia and to be honest, my family isn’t very ‘asian’ compared to others. We don’t follow many traditions or customs that other families do; and I am often shrugging my shoulders when someone says “you’ve never done yee sang?!” or even “you can’t speak Chinese!?” It just so happens that both my parents don’t really follow their Chinese ancestry as much as others do, and therefore neither do I! And so, as Chinese New Year is one of the only things we do celebrate (minimally as it is), it is always such a joyous time for me!

♥ →Happy Year of the Monkey← ♥

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