Blind Guardian ‘Beyond the Red Mirror’

So in contrast to the previous post, I thought I would post about a completely different kind of concert :P
Earlier this year, Ash and I attended the Blind Guardian’s ‘Beyond the Red Mirror’ tour as VIP guests chyeaaaaa.


Metal concerts are a very different experience when compared to something like Big Bang. The fans are usually all big, white males who (for the most part) do not give a shit about the people around them, including little ol’ me. Of course, these same dudes like to take advantage of my height and thus feel no guilt in shoving me out of the way to get to the front. Le sigh. Thankfully I had Ash and another friend to help block them enough to allow me to enjoy listening to Hansi’s great voice!

Anyway, because of all this, I don’t actually have any (good) recordings of the concert boooo.
Seriously, it was hard enough holding on to the metal railing to try and keep me upright for the show hahaha


However, we did come away with some awesome signed goodies thanks to being VIP!
Unfortunately, the vinyl I ordered (Twilight of the Gods) didn’t arrive until after the concert so I wasn’t able to get anything I *owned* signed *cries* ..We did get Ash’s Night at the Opera vinyl and A Twist in the Myth book & lyric book signed! And all the posters we got with the VIP package, plus we received some cool t shirts.


Overall, Blind Guardian did a great performance that Ash and I both enjoyed heaps!
If you haven’t heard of them and like power metal, then I definitely recommend checking them out. Some of my favourite songs from Blind Guardian are: Twilight of the Gods, Valhalla (we continued to the tradition of singing ‘valhalla’ non stop haha), The Bard’s Song, Sacred Worlds and Sacred Mind.

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