Eat with Melody: Costco Chicken Buffalo Wings

 Hello hello! I am BAACCKK with another Eating with Melody review post.
I know I intended to do the SFC Bucket, but I actually haven’t eaten it yet lol here’s another chicken review! However unlike my previous post, I didn’t actually buy this one but rather came home to mum proudly saying she bought a bag of frozen Steggles Chicken Buffalo Wings from Costco hahah  (yes, my entire family loves chicken haha)


I’m not 100% sure, but my mum says she bought the bag for about $12-13 from Costco.
The great thing about buying frozen goodies is that (most of the time) they last for ages so you can eat them whenever you want …which is exactly what I did. It was only a couple of weeks later that I decided to give these a shot, after being completely stumped for ideas of what to eat. (I think Ash called me out for burgers after this though…)



I know you can’t see it properly, but it says to cook for 20-25 minutes in the oven,
Taking a look at the ingredients, I’m just glad that the chicken percentage is somewhat high hahah. Some other information listed on the package (which isn’t shown on the photo) is that it’s Halal certified, its made by Steggles in NSW Australia, andddd the used by is on 07/11/2016 …so it lasts approx a year!


I would say I cooked about just under half the bag, which isn’t too bag for the cost.
In comparison to SFC, these were a lot better! If you look at the image above, they’re all reasonable sizes AND even the smallest wings weren’t tiny blobs of WTF haha. They also didn’t stick together at all, so they cooked great.


I’m sorry. I didn’t manage to get a photo of when they were completely finished, so here’s them nearly done in the oven! The chicken was definitely very flavoursome (read: spicy!), tender and juicy. I’ve only had buffalo wings from a (questionable) bar once so I can’t really compare them to the good stuff, but hey …coming from a chicken lover, it was pretty good.

The packet gives some recommended sauce recipes that you could eat the chickens with, but I’m fairly sure my entire family just had them as it is. The spices from the chicken was good and was definitely enough to flavour them on its own.


Yeah, I thought I’d end this post with a crazy photo of me eating some chicken.
It was crazy hot so I was repeatedly telling my brother to HURRY UP and take the photo (somehow managed to eat a wing already though as seen from the photo haha). But yes, I would definitely recommend buying this bag if you have a Costco membership (or tag along with a mate) and you’re after some good frozen food. It was definitely very easy and quick to make, so it’s perfect for those lazy days when you can’t be bothered cooking. So yes, GO BUY IT ♥

and… I will also aim not to review chicken in my next Eat with Melody post haha

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