Ash’s B’day @ Cafe 51 & Ike’s Rack Shack

Hello hello from both Melody and Ashley!
Today we bring you a joint post about the awesome places we visited for Ash’s birthday. So if you see any blue text in the post, that’ll be Ashley butting in with his opinions about the dericious food we fattened ourselves with.
(Sorry that this post is so late, it took foreverrrr to force Ashley to write a few sentences -_-)

I messaged Cafe 51 about a potential birthday booking for Ash’s bday and man, did I receive an amazing response.
Not only did they take my booking (not something they’ve done in the past), they presented me with several different options and offers to make Ash’s birthday that little bit more special. As you can see in the photo below, we got our own little private table out the back along with awesome decorations that they let us keep! Best customer service ever.



I was happily surprised to see the above signage outside the cafe and on their instagram!!
Yeah, like I said, they have excellent customer service and there aren’t much other places that are this awesome.


Bacon 3 Way burger. This burger sounded like rocket sauce but unfortunately I wasn’t overly fond of the sauce, namely the bbq-sauce-like-bacon-jam. However I could taste potential, which was confirmed when I tried Mel’s derishicious doughburg, that was awesome and I need to have another. Now. Normally I’m a fan of sweeter buns, the big eg being brioche and so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at how much I liked the sweetest of sweet buns, namely the donut encapsulating the doughburg. Note: they have since switched up the buns which are now prettier ;)


At this time, the doughburger wasn’t yet on their menu so when I explained my sweet tooth to them over email, they encouraged me to try out their latest creation. I actually really enjoyed it and finished it easily! It helped a lot that the size of this burger was a lot smaller than Ash’s one haha. Overall, I really enjoyed this and would like to get it again!


We stuffed our faces gloriously (literally haha ^) but the main attraction was yet to arrive!
Our Death By Chocolate burger …waffle?… CAKE! Yes, his birthday cake was a special burger cake haha ♥



This gargantuan beast aka my burday burger bake… I mean cake aka a much bigger than usual death by chocolate. This baddest of bad sweet boys from bottom up is waffle bun, 10 inch beef patty, heaps of cheese, layers of bacon, nutella, bbq sauce and popping candy, and waffle again. MAN this was the tits but also super rich. I would say it should be treated as both your main and dessert rather than attempting to conquer it post ‘savoury’ burg. Woops. The overwhelming sweetness of the nutella was a bit of a clash with everything but when you remember that bbq sauce is normally pretty sweet anyway it’s not too much of a stretch. I can’t guarantee everyone would like this but I’d say if you like the way it sounds its no doubt worth a try.

Like shit, I knew they warned me about the size of this thing but I really didn’t realise how big it was LOL..
While I personally wasn’t a fan of nutella and beef … I really really liked the nutella and the waffle!!! Seriously. Their waffle was amazing and I will happily order it separately to eat with nutella :)

Cafe 51 on Urbanspoon


After waddling out of Cafe 51, feeling at least a few KGs heavier than when we walked in haha, I gave Ash some secret driving instructions to a nearby place for his next birthday surprise! For agessss, Ash has been bugging me to go to one of those Escape Rooms but because I’m literally a wuss, I always refused as the majority of them are quite scary. But as I really wanted us something to do other than eat on his birthday, I did lots of googling until I found one that provided non scary themes haha …also lucky that it was super close to Cafe 51.

Hilariously, there were a few other things nearby such as go-karting and paintball nearby so he was kept guessing until we finally entered the building named ‘EXITUS” and he saw what we were really doing!

I chose the ‘Casino Heist’ challenge and managed to successfully complete it! YAY! :D


Even though, dinner was at like 8pm ..we were NOT ready for this. Seriously. I was still so full :(

Dat triple rack stack. These were some sickkkk ribs. Pork, beef and lamb. When people talk ribs they are usually talking pork and let me tell you these were the business. Best I’ve had. Altho I enjoy a good lamb rib, and it goes without saying that these were damn fine, I usually find lamb ribs to be a bit too fatty and so they are my least favourite and that held to be the case here. But again prob the best lamb ribs I’ve had and still very enjoyable. I might be a bit of an oddity and beef ribs tend to my favourite and so man these were the shiiit. They reminded me of an old fav – Racks Ribs Co which unfortunately closed it’s doors permanently and is sorely missed, but the great smoky taste was def invoked here.

As for the non-racked food accompaniments aka sides, the jalaoeno cornbread and salad were all more than up to scratch. (Oddly, I found myself enjoying the jalapeno cornbread way more than I should! It was dericious!) All the rack recipes as well many of the others were put together by famous Texan pit smoker, Chris Terlikar and are prepared on a competition grade smoker imported from rack city itself, Texas. Anyway the short of it is, get these ribs in you now.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ike’s Rack Shack on Urbanspoon

After a long day of eating and solving puzzles, Ash took me home where I finally got to present him with his gifts! I tried my hardest to make everything a ‘B’ theme haha – for no particular reason except that he loves boardgames, burgers and beer lol. Although, I couldn’t think of a ‘B’ word for the Makise figure hmm…

Pressies from mah babeh #baconbourbon #win A photo posted by Ashley Kasner (@encephlon) on


His mum says I should stop spoiling him though ahah (Naaaaaah, spoil me more)
Isn’t Makise Kurisu just beautiful though?

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