Monthly Noms: Recent Eats

Hello hello! Is everyone fattening themselves up with Easter chocolate? No? Just me? :D
Anyway, today I bring you a Monthly Noms post! Yay! I know…I shouldn’t be calling this ‘Monthly’ as I haven’t really done it in ages lol. Either way, I thought I’d just post some of my recent eats that I’ve had in the past month or so ♥ Enjoy!


Soft serve of the day (Rhubarb, Walnut and Strawberry ..I think) @ Belles Hot Chicken

After hearing outstanding reviews on Belles Hot Chicken, Ash and I drove there for dinner one night eager to devour some frieeeeed chikin! Of course, it was delicious but nothing compared to their soft serve of the day! It was super soft, fluffy and oh so-so delicioussss! This is a “MUST GO” recommendation!


(Mine) Right: Nuts about Chocolate & Bubblegum

When I heard Dairy Bell was closing (apparently not any more, as they’ve been bought by Bon Appetit) I was frantic and eager to have some! Conveniently, there was a store located across the road from my work place, so Z and I spent one of our lunches savouring some delicious ice cream (I don’t believe I had any real lunch that day ;D)


Triple Choc Gelato & Ferrero Rocher Gelato @ Nitro Lab (Glen)

My little bro and I had a little lunch date on a really hot day, so we decided to get some ice cream. Guess which is mine ;)


L: Cookie Monster (I think) @ Passionflower & R: Build your own (forgot) @ Magnum Melbourne

If you’re ever unsure where to take your date for some late night dessert, Passionflower is an excellent choice!!


Woah. Now isn’t this just one magnificent work of art?! This is one of the soft serves I had for lunch one of my work days. I made Z drive me to the Maccas down the road for this hit ;)


Outrageous Banana Split @ Pancake Parlour

“Yes, can I have the Outrageous Banana Split? Oh and hold the banana please.”


Ice cream @ Paesano International Buffet & Black Sesame Soft Serve @ Rice Workshop

Whenever my friends and I organize a catch up, we usually end up picking a good buffet. Why? A buffet usually caters for everyone and makes paying the bill a lot easier! Plus, where else can I get unlimited ice cream for a mere $29 a head.



Gianduia Bianca & The Mighty GM Pie @ Gelato Messina

Omg. HELLO MESSINA! Probably one of the best and most interesting gelato you can get in Melbourne!
A place that frequently has a huge line outside at late hours of the night is definitely something not to miss ♥v♥


Cornetto | FRUIT LOOPS SOFT SERVE @ Tuck Shop Take Away

Tuck Shop are seriously amazing. I was getting worried about my bad unhealthy eating choices of late so when they announced a fruit loops soft serve, I rejoiced!! I could finally get my cereal intake while staying faithful to my food group! Breakfast for ONE pleaseeeee.


L: I forgot, but it’s probably a form of peanut butter / hazelnut etc @ Cold Rock Ice Creamery

It’s pretty surprising that in all my years, I hadn’t tried cold rock until recently! What was I missing out on!?


Deep Fried Ice Cream @ Ocean King | Fill Me In @ Passionflower

Mmm my favourite kind of dinner is when it’s deep fried and full of ice cream ♥


Sherbet dipped Soft Serve @ Ice Cream Truck | Black Sesame Soft Serve @ Rice Workshop

With all the great food I eat, I always try to exercise at least once a week. My weekly routine can be summed up in the photo on the left. Man…chasing after ice cream trucks doesn’t seem like a lot but it can be quite a work out!! I definitely recommend it :) And oh, don’t forget to reward yourself after you finally catch up to it!


Bubblegum @ Dolce House Gelato

Sorry, I had to walk a whole 2 minutes to get to this Gelato place, so I was kinda in the zone eating haha.



TWO MACCAS SOFT SERVE! I bet you’re thinking one of them is for Ash ..but nope -_- they’re both for me.
So there’s actually a pretty “funny” story behind the two soft serves and the ripped receipt. So, Ash knows how much I love Maccas ice cream so he insisted that I needed TWO and despite my protests, he ordered me two (drive-thru) intending me to eat both ;A; I was so upset that I ripped the receipt in half when he handed it to me LOL. I really only felt like one that day ): ): ): He still laughs at this memory every single time ):


Rainbow ice cream @ ?? in Melbourne Central | Black Sesame Soft Serve @ Rice Workshop

When I heard Rainbow ice cream was just vanilla ice cream, I laughed. There’s noooo wayyy vanilla can be THAT many colours pfffffft- because seriously, don’t lie, you can DEFINITELY taste the rainbow!!!


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough | Clusterfluff in a Waffle Cone

If Ben&Jerry’s weren’t as expensive as they are in Australia, I would be eating it all the time. Such is life ):
The tub in the left photo was a special midnight snack with the boyfie though ♥ Sweet moments!


Assorted Gelato @ Dex2Rose

Ah this was when we had the standard gelato serving for dinner the other night!! Check it out here.


Hazelnut & Bubblegum @ Dolce House Gelato | Green Tea Soft Serve @ Rice Workshop

Oh hello Green Tea soft serve! I was in the city one early morning (for a hairdresser appointment) and wasn’t too sure what to have for breakfast, so I thought I’d have some green tea to help wake me up!


Plain Sundae @ Hungry Jacks

At first glance, I thought this was my favourite Maccas Soft Serve ..but alas, it is Hungry Jack’s.
I always feel like a cheating girlfriend when I get HJ’s soft serve instead ): It’s definitely not as good as Macca’s – it’s more dense and not as fluffy/soft and always makes me crawl back to Maccas ;A;


Chocolate Brownie @ Nitro Lab | ?? @ Wills Batch Ice Creamery

Both of these photos are just some late night supper I’ve had recently. Mmm puts you to bed real good!


Hmmm, I’m fairly sure based on the position of that drink, Z drove me to Maccas for lunch again! And what a lunch it was!


Zuppa Duppa (Hazelnut gelato, wild strawberry preserve, pistachio crunch & amaretti biscuit) @ Messina, Royal Croquet Club

Ah, Messina’s creativity is simply amazing. These cans of ‘soup’ were gorgeous and tasted great too!
I’m not sure why food markets even feature other food eateries, it’s obvious everyone’s only there to eat the ice cream duh.


Toasted Marshmallow @ Tuck Shop Take Away

I don’t actually like camping, but at least I know what to eat by the fire if I ever go!


It’s tradition for my brother and I to receive the Freddo Ice Cream cake for our birthdays each year!!
(Because seriously, who even wants normal cake when there’s ICE CREAM cake? pfffffft)


Hahah so, Ash was jelly that he didn’t get to try any of my Freddo Ice Cream cake from my birthday, so I made him a ice cream cake for his birthday this year! This is filled with all three flavours of Peter’s Neapolitan ice cream, chocolate fudge, chocolate biscuits topped with lots of whipped cream ♥ I know. I’m a genius.


I know I know, the right one definitely looks like it could be Maccas but it isn’t. It’s from IKEA! Yeh, I know right? Cool shelves, beds and soft serve from a self-serve machine!? WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT IN LIFE!?!?!


Nuttylove (mine) & Chocoholic Sundae @ Wills Batch Ice Creamery

Just standard dinner. Yeah yeah, I shared a bit with Ash.


Black Sesame Ice Cream @ Takumi

For my birthday last year, Ash took me to Takumi where we had the most amazin’ Black Sesame ice cream!


The Colossal @ Pancake Parlour | Chocolate @ Ben & Jerry’s

On one fateful night, a group of friends and I decided we could challenge THE COLOSSAL!!
Well duh, considering it’s my main food group, I obviously had no problem carrying the team by eating it solo psh


Ahhh don’t you love it when you wake up early enough for Maccas breakfast?! WIN OF THE DAY.


Hazelnut & Bubblegum @ Dolce House Gelato

When you’re tired from being up all night partying, what do you do? Eat Gelato.


Flavour of the day – Pistachio Soft Serve @ 8Bit

So, 8Bit is the super cool geeky themed place that I really wanted to try! Ash is a sweetheart and drove me all the way there just so I could finally get my hands on this! Um YUM. I was full for daayyyys!

The best way to end the post is by posting my favourite and most exquisite one of them all …


Maccas Soft Serve! My one and only true ice creamery love ♥ ♥ ♥
There may be many innovative and creative ice cream, gelato and soft serves out there, but nothing will ever beat you!!!

Happy April Fools!

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