“Forever Seventeen” Birthday

For my 23rd SEVENTEENTH birthday (oho), I partied with some loved ones as usual.
Headed to 29th Apartment in St Kilda, where some of my friends gobbled down unlimited spicy buffalo wings while the rest of us attempted to dance to the DJ’s odd choice of non-dancey songs. Pictures speak a thousand words, so here are just a few of my favourite photos from the night. Props to my awesome friend Nico for the photos!


Just around when this photo was taken, a drunk weirdo kept nuzzling his head on to my friend’s shoulders/necks lol. They were too shy to tell him to f*ck off, so I had to politely (lightly) punch his head off them lol.



Nearly at the end of the night, Ashley surprised with me a rose ♥ Sweetheart, I know right?
Turns out some random dude was selling long stem single roses for $5 each along the streets of St Kilda :| (not dodgy at all) and he thought it would be sweet to surprise me with one hahah ..eh? it was still sweet :P

But yes, I chose 29th Apartment because if you look closely ..it looks like an apartment!
It’s completely decked out with cool windows, a bath tub, sofas, TVs and GIANT Jenga hahaha



Because Fathima wanted me to upload a picture of her ;) haha ♥


Overall, I had an amazing night and I’m so thankful for my gorgeous friends ♥
I can’t believe this was 5 months ago already ..and I’m already nearly half way to my next birthday ;A; Noooo…

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