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Tucked away in small alleyway off Little Bourke St, is an exciting and promising new nitrogen gelato store in Melbourne.
Opening only recently, Dex2Rose was created with the idea of a new kind of late night joint for those who prefer chilling (GEDDIT?) with delicious gelato (over getting sloshed at a bar*). This is emphasized with their late opening hours and welcoming interior that houses plenty of seats that can easily fit a group of mates!

*This may  change as Jesse mentioned the possibility of adding a liquor license to their repertoire 



Changing their menu every 2-3 weeks can be quite challenging, but Dex2Rose seems to have it under their belt – with enticing and occasionally hilarious names to go along their interesting flavours, it’s definitely something to admire. When Ashley and I took the trip down one Friday night after work, we were greeted with the warmest of welcomes! Coincidentally, we happened to visit in the middle of their flavour changing and so half the flavours you’ll read about are from their old menu while the other half are from the new menu, which you’ll be able to get INGEST now!


As usual, we were actually a bit late so Jesse had popped out for some errands, but that didn’t even matter because all the other staff are just as sweet and lovely. While we waited for Jesse, the waiter (I’m so sorry, we didn’t catch your name) started us off with their special Cold Brew Coffee and his favourite gelato at the moment ;)

Cold Brew Coffeecontaining up to 67% less acidity than hot brewed coffee, cold brewed coffee is naturally sweeter and more intense without the bitter acids and fatty oils. Best enjoyed neat over ice, but feel free to ask for milk and/or sugar syrup. 

I’m not a big fan of coffee, but Ash is a lover of all things caffeine so he was happy to give this a go!
It was incredibly refreshing and required much less sugar than an ordinary coffee. The sugar syrup was an interesting and favoured twist! For someone who doesn’t even like coffee, I quite enjoyed this.

 So after asking the waiter what his favourite gelato was at the moment, he brought out the Honey Stash!


Honey StashMade from top quality Italian ingredients, this Pistachio and Honey gelato surprises with hidden honeyed nut clusters within the creamy goodness. Topped with fresh Raspberry cream.

The combination of the pistachio and raspberry cream was absolute bliss! Being the nut fanatic, I loved finding the honeyed nut clusters and savouring the sweetness in my mouth mm. We finished the Honey Stash off pretty quickly, and I’m just going to mention that Ashley ate way too much of the raspberry cream to be considered ‘sharing’.

Not too long after, Jesse arrived and very warmly asked us if we were ready for 5 more gelatos! Gulps!
I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much gelato in one go, but as being the gelato / ice cream lover in the relationship, I was ready to take on the challenge!! While we begun chatting away, our next gelato, Rockkaido came out!


RockkaidoMade with fresh Rockmelon and Hokkaido Milk Tea powder, this gelato transports you on to an idyllic island right away. Served with Raspberry cream.

When reading the menu, I was actually super excited about the Rockkaido due to all the good things I’ve read about the Hokkaido’s dairy products! The gelato definitely did not fail to please mm. It was incredibly creamy, with the rockmelon subtly shining through giving it a light fruity taste. Definitely delicious. If you noticed, this was served with Raspberry cream too! Ashley questioned Jesse about this, and the simple answer was utilizing flavours in more than one gelato makes production faster with less wastage.

Nitro BrewCold brewed coffee that’s out of a beer tap. Charged with nitrogen, Nitro Brew comes with a creamy head of foam that locks in the wholesome flavour, and a whole new mouth feel. Try it to believe it. Best enjoyed neat, but feel free to add milk (ask for some!) and/or sugar syrup. Alternatively, pair this with one of our gelati for the ultimate summer treat!

The Nitro Brew was a fascinating drink that went down very nicely. The infused fruits (apples, in this case!) shone through nicely, and the lowered acidity was refreshing on our taste buds. Sugar syrup and milk are totally unnecessary for this or at least with the infusion of apples that we tried – it was very sweet in a savoury rather than desserty way.


Why So Glum? Try My Plum?Fresh black plums mixed with French Brandy gives you this slightly boozy sorbet which is sure to lift your spirits. Not recommended for kids, as may contain up to 1% alcohol. (V,DF,GF)

For those who are lactose intolerant, don’t worry – there’s some of the good stuff here for you too!
The flavours of ‘Why So Glum? Try My Plum?’ (hilarious name) definitely pack a punch with it’s strong flavour. It was a bit too sour for my liking, but yet still delicious with pulverised whole fruits to create a interesting gritty texture! The best part of it was pretty much the crunchy and delectable freeze fruit placed neatly on top!


The Original Mr GreyCreated from Earl Grey tea and a high quality Italian hazelnut, this gelato features hazelnuts churned through and is served with a luscious milk chocolate sauce. Christian Grey has nothing on this.

Jesse is actually his own copy writer so I’ve gotta give him a huge applause for these great names and descriptions haha.
I actually really enjoyed The Original Mr Grey as the subtle hazelnut crunch complimented the creamy earl grey tea really well. Of course, Ashley isn’t a fan of tea so he didn’t fancy this too much, so I happily tackled this one solo :D


Cold Pressed JuiceExtracted from fruits via mastication, cold pressed juice retains more flavour, nutrients and enzymes as compared to traditional juicers. The lack of spinning blades means that the juice remains unheated, and nutrients and enzymes are not destroyed in the juicing process. The cold pressed juices are pressed in store each day, so you know you’ll only be getting the good stuff.

To break our marathon of gelatos, Jesse introduced us to his refreshing and yummy cold pressed juices mmm. Although it tasted very similar to a good freshly squeezed juice, it apparently retains alot more of the nutrition of the fruits – in fact all of it(??) bar the fibre, due their different technique, so bonus bonus!!!


Scarlet ScamA scarlet slam is what happens when you cross a Red Velvet cake with a Tim Tam slam. Featuring red velvet flavoured Tim Tams smashed into smooth creamy red velvet gelato, this decadent combination is served with cream cheese frosting.

I was super excited to try this out as I personally love Red velvet and Tim tams – esp together!
This was one of his new flavours and I’m sure it’s going to be a huge hit, as it was seriously such a good combination. There were hidden chunks mixed throughout which made eating this gelato a little game for me to find all the little bits of tim tam within! Even though we were full from all the gelatos, we still managed to clean this one up.


It’s a Match AH!Bitter-sweet, high quality Matcha (Japanese green tea) powder makes this milky gelato a delectable summer treat. Sprinkled with crunchy peanut powder, this combination truly is a match.

Last but definitely not least is the increasingly popular matcha (green tea) flavoured gelato!
Out of all the matcha flavoured gelatos, ice cream and soft serves I tried, this was definitely the strongest. Jesse simply explained that when they create a flavour, they make sure the flavour ain’t weak! While it was more bitter than I usually enjoy, I found myself going back for more as the bitter, creamy flavours got me addicted :P

The night was a lot of fun and I’m glad to have met Jesse and his awesome team at Dex2Rose.
I’d like to mention that I would love to applaud their genuine hospitality, as I thrive on good customer service. We personally witnessed Jesse happily greeting each customer that walked in, even remembering the names of some of the regulars! It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to keep coming back for the delicious food (check their new menu here) and the great staff members who make you feel at home as soon as you enter.


PS. Jesse gave me a trial of an awesome coffee scrub that they’re working on and I will be reviewing it soon! ♥

Ashley and Melody dined as a guest of Dex2Rose

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