Review: SFC Hot ‘N’ Spicy Chicken Wings

     So if you know me, you know I love fried chicken and I get cravings for KFC every now and then!
When I saw this packet called ‘SFC’ in the Coles freezer section, I laughed for ages and wanted to buy them. Alas, I’m a cheapo and they were $9.90 so I passed, but not too long ago they were half price so YES! I got one to try it out.


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I decided to cook it for dinner one night while watching ‘If You Are The One’
Opening the box up, you’ll be met with the pretty frozen sight of fried chicken haha. But whatever. I wanted some fried chicken and this promised me ‘crunchy, golden, succulent Chicken wings covered with Hot n Spicy southern style coating’. Some of the wings had stuck together and pulling them up inadvertently caused some of the skin to fall off. Boooo! ……I cooked those bits anyway since it’s obviously the best part of fried chicken ;D



So there were 6 pieces in total but what the hell is THAT. It was tiny and so I’ll call it 5.5 pieces!
Anyway as directed, I popped them in the oven for 20-25 minutes at 200°c (I’ve heard the best way to reheat KFC is in a similar structure). Watching them sizzle in the oven was so exciting that I wasn’t even paying attention to the TV any more!



At last, they were ready! And they looked pretty good for coming out of a box lol.
Verdict? Pretty good! They obviously weren’t KFC tier but they had a nice subtle spicy seasoning that made me eat 4/6  – I decided to let my younger brother have 2 because I’m generous and all. The chicken itself wasn’t that amazing, but as I said, it came out of the box and it expires in a year …so freshness obviously isn’t a strong point here.


IMO, these are cool to try out but $9.90 for 6 wings is pretty pricey when KFC sells 10 wicked wings for $9.95

Ash and I are actually bought another one of their products called SFC Take Home Boneless Bucket, which we had initially intended for his b’day party but didn’t end up using due to there being enough food! But that’ll def be next on my review list heh. Actually, Ash* and I love going to Coles at really odd hours, so if I see something else cool, I’ll review it!

*Ash misusing his editing powers


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