Year of the Goat!

Hello hello! Hope everyone is having a Happy Lunar New Year! ♥
Wishing everyone a year filled with good luck, prosperity, success, health and happiness  <゜)))彡

恭禧发财 ◦


It’s finally the Year of the Goat, which can only make me happy or sad haha!
Happy because it’s my year to shine, but sad because oh gosh I can’t believe I’m already going to turn 24. I don’t even act like I’m 24 lol :C Either way, I’m hoping this will be an amazing year for me and my other Goat buddies ♥



As always, we didn’t really do anything else for the Lunar New Year except for eat, eat and e a t t t t!
Even though we don’t really have any family in Melbourne, my mum always prepares an excellent feast (please see above). Randomly, my mum somehow cut the exact amount of cucumbers we needed to fit around that plate lol! Dem years of experience shining through hahah. My younger brother and I also decided to spice things up a little (mainly because we were waiting for my older bro to arrive) by making some Vodka Sunrises for ourselves :D


ANYWAY, as per tradition, I took some Lunar New Year selfies (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011<゜)))彡
But this time, I thought I’d take some extra selfies of all the Chinese New Year snacks I’ve been munching on nom nom. I mean, we all know the best thing about the Lunar New Year is all the food (and money, but mainly food).

I hope ya’ll appreciate these photos because it was hard to have them half in my mouth and not want to eat it all!


(L-R) Kuih Bangkit (Tapioca Biscuits), Kuih Kapet (Love Letter), Kok Zai (Peanut Puffs) & Kuih Bahulu (Sponge cake)

There’s a lot more other CNY snacks, but these so happen to be the ones mum buys every year!
Starting from the top left, Kuih Bangkit, are unsuspecting delicious cookies that melt in your mouth immediately. Warning: they seriously do melt in to a sticky mess and will get stuck to every inch of your mouth lol! Moving to the top right, Kuih Kapet are my absolutely favouriteeee! This was actually the first time my mum’s bought this gold tin variation and it so happens to be the best Kuih Kapet we’ve ever had mm. It’s super thin, crunchy and absolutely perfecttttt. I have nothing to say except it’s da bomb diggity and if there’s anything you want to try, it should be this lol! In the bottom left we’ve got Kok Zai and to be honest, I’ve never ever called them by that name before but rather just peanut cookies hahaha. These are awesome but they aren’t my favourite, but eh, who am I to say no to a crunchy peanut experience? Now the last in the bottom right are Kuih Bahulu, which while don’t really taste like much when you take your first bite, grow on you slowly. They’re soft, sweet and can actually get quite addictive haha!

And there’s that! You can buy all of these at pretty much any Asian store during CNY ♥
Wishing you all a Happy Lunar New Year and hope you all got lots of ang pao!

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