Australia Pax Day 3

 Hello hello! Your usual awesome blogger is back 8)
I hope you all enjoyed Ash’s delicious burgie post – there’ll definitely be more of that coming soon!! Anyway, I’m back with my final Pax post! I know it’s quite late, but doesn’t matter cos it’s gotta be done :D

As mentioned in my Pax Day 2 post, we missed Maccas brekky so I was determined to have it on the Sunday, and so I did!!! Ash still got Huff bagels but all the mattered was that I got my good ol’ fav sausage mcmuffin!


For our third and final day of PAX, we were determined to go play Dragon Age: Inquisition since we missed out the day before, so we headed straight there! Thankfully there was only approximately an 1 – 1.5 hour  wait, so sat and got ourselves comfortable. I was incredibly sad to hear that the girls who were sitting next to me got the last dragon wings that they had :'( I really wanted them too! But the worst part, was when I heard the Pax Enforcer (same girl as the day before) tell other attendees that they could just go chill in the EA Lounge instead of lining up, because lining up was just for playing Dragon Age. I was super angry because instead of sending us away on Day 2, she could’ve told us that AND THEN I WOULD’VE GOT MY DRAGON WINGS plus actually check out the EA Lounge. Ugh.


After playing on my PS Vita for ages, it was finally our turn to play the demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition!
There was a bunch of rules before entering like no taking photos of the gameplay, but a nice enforcer helped me take a photo of us playing so I could post it up on my blog! If you see in the picture, I was playing on the PS4 while Ash tried out the Xbox. There’s no real point in us reviewing the game as it’s already out, but it was definitely awesome and worth getting if you’re in to Bioware/RPG. Ash tells me that it’s definitely the leap forward the series was desperately searching for, after the lukewarm reception of the previous iteration.

After our time was up, we lined up to get our DA photo ID cards taken – another thing I was really excited about.
So, there was one guy getting his photo taken, then it was Ash and then me in line. All good! The first guy got his and walked away, and so it was Ash’s turn. He got his photo taken on the cool chair, and then we waited for it to print. THE PRINTER THEN TOLD US IT WAS OUT OF INK. The enforcer looked around for spare ink but unfortunately that was the last of it. Are you serious? ARE YOU SRS?! We just missed out on another cool thing. Omg. ARGH.


Annoyed and upset, we head to the EA Lounge to get our posters signed by the developers only to be told they had all the left the country….. this is just great isn’t it -_-” Frustrated, we sat on a chair outside whining about our rotten luck. I randomly had the idea of asking the Photo ID lady to just screen shot/send us a digital copy of the cards, so we ventured back in …but she had already packed up her laptop -_- whatevs. But in a moment of shining hope, I saw Mark Wilson walking by…!! Like awkward schoolgirls, we approached him and asked him to sign our posters. YAY!! 

After that rollercoaster of emotions, we decided to complete our little Pax XP challenge.
I won’t say much about this except that I was wearing one of my more comfortable heels and my feet still ached after looking every crook and corner of the exhibition and convention centre zzz. But look!!! We completed our challenge and just hoped that our prize would be something worth all that walking….


and it wasn’t.
We got these 2×2 rubix cube which …err …kinda cute??? But I don’t think I would’ve kept walking if I had known what the prize would’ve been! Oh well. I guess we got a little keepsake from the awesomeness that is PAX!


We finally get to venture in to the Expo Hall and finish trying out all the games we missed in the previous days!
Ashley got to finish trying out the other occulus indie games that were on offer. I think the below photo was Phantasm? It was another one of those zombie killing games, but worse according to Ash as you used the controller to aim the cursor but your head was moving the camera lol! We played a few more indie games, but notably my favourite co-op game that we played, which was coincidentally the very last game we played at Pax was Android Assault Cactus!


Pax closed early at 6pm this day, and it was a sad sight to see everyone being filed out of the Expo Hall :(
I think this is definitely a negative point of Pax – Sundays should definitely stay open a little longer!! The day was way too short and we may or may not have sat outside the Expo Hall feeling a little lost and confused as to what we should do with our lives now that Pax was well and truly over! To fill the empty hole in our hearts, we decided to give Mr Scruffs a try and well, if you read Ash’s review on it here, then you know it definitely shifted us to high spirits!


All in all, we loved PAX and we can’t wait for this year’s!
I had work the following day (which was stupid because Tuesday was a public holiday but I had forgotten to take A/L) so it was pretty hard going back to reality!! Definitely had post-PAX blues for awhile :( At least now that we’re in 2015, I can start counting down the days for this year’s PAX! (I should probably apply for my annual leave now)


Did you attend PAX? What’s your favourite convention?

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