‘Review’: Lawn Mower

 Hello hello! You might be wondering ..why on earth is Melody reviewing a lawn mower?!
Well, you can blame that all to a guy named OJ. A couple of years ago, when I used to do a lot more make up and contact lens blog reviews, OJ gave me a challenge to review a lawn mower! He dared to say I wouldn’t be taller than it (hmphs). Although it’s a couple of years late, I have accepted the challenge and have reviewed my family’s lawn mower for OJ’s birthday. SO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OJ! I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY AND FIND THIS REVIEW USEFUL!


The biggest challenge in doing this review was pretty much getting the lawn mower out of the shed in the backyard.
My dad is the only person who goes in there. Mainly because it’s an old tin shed with no lights and filled with dangerous Australian spiders and monsters. He wasn’t home, so I cried and begged for my mum to take it out for me. Unfortunately, she also thinks that shed is freaking scary, so I had to do it ;A; I ran in and out of there so quick…

 Review: Victa 375 Sprint Lawn Mower

Model: Victa 375 Sprint Lawn Mower (or so the label tells me!!!!)
Cost: ★★★☆☆!? Mum said she thinks they bought it for $299? Seems like it’s going $145 second hand atm
Durability: ★★★★★ It’s lasted a good 5-6 years now, so I’m sure that’s good ..right?!
Effectiveness: ????? No idea since I didn’t even turn it on hahahaha
Heaviness: ★★★☆☆ It was a bit of a struggle for a weakling like me, but I’m sure normal people will find it ok.
Appearance★★★★★ Anything that has the colour red is good for me!!!

Recommended?: I definitely don’t know if I should recommend this to anyone because what the hell do I know lol!
Overall, the lawn mower was actually quite heavy and took some muscle work to push it around haha! And look! I am definitely taller than it wooohoo. So I guess I can recommend this lawn mower to other short people!!


When my dad heard I was taking pictures with the lawn mower, he told me to cut the grass while I was at it -_-
I laughed and said no, before locking it back in to that terrible tin shed lol! Our backyard is pretty damn big and it’s alllllllll grass so there was no way I was going to actually cut the grass – especially in this Australian summer heat!!

I have nothing else to say in this post except HAPPY BIRTHDAY OJ!
I hope you had a wonderful day and that you enjoyed reading my review on a lawn mower -_-

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