♥ Birthday Hairrrrr

Hello hello! After holding out for a whole year, I finally got my hair dyed professionally again!
I’ve been really tempted to head to the hairdresser to dye it a couple times over the past year but the thought of all that $$$ coming out at once stopped me!! But as it was my birthday last week, I could finally spoil myself woooo

Now …the only problem was that I was meaning to cosplay as P3P’s FemC for Pax. Woops?
On that note, one of the Kinder kids at my work told me I looked like Ariel ♥ #bestmomentever

#TwinsButNot Birthday siblings : I might’ve forced him to take pics with me because my hair looked good mwahaha 

Anyway, I had a lovely birthday last week and was absolutely spoilt by my amazing loved ones ♥
I’ll do my proper dedication post to everyone eventually, but here’s a quick shout out to everyone who made my birthday so special with their love, hugs, presents, messages and well wishes!! xxx

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