Shizuku Ramen

The other weekend, Ashley and I took a drive up to Abbotsford…
Now if you are from the South Eastern suburbs like me, you can understand that I was completely perplexed as to where Abbotsford was! But I can now tell you that Abbotsford is near North Richmond station, isn’t too far from the CBD and homes some lovely restaurants, such as Shizuku Ramen! Invited to try the contemporary Japanese food Shizuku offered, Ash and I were incredibly excited at the prospect of ramen burgers and japanese craft beer!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a lovely いっらしゃいませ from the wait staff and guided to our table. Our waiter, Jonathan introduced himself to us and helpfully explained the different items that were on the menu. With his help, Ashley was also able to select a Japanese craft beer for himself, the Hitachi Nest White Ale (which is super cute!!)


After taking down our orders for the entree and mains, Jonathan came out after a couple of minutes to present us with some delicious Soy Sauce Popcorn that tastes a whole lot better than you would think! It was incredibly addictive and I did wish that I had my own little bowl of this just so I didn’t have to share such a small amount with Ash HAH!


After this, it wasn’t long before our entrées started coming out and boy, were we excited.
For the longest time, we have wanted to try lobster rolls/sliders and we were definitely not going to pass up the option at Shizuku! There are no other words to describe this as simply yum. The only negative thing I can say about this is that it’s a slider and not a full blown main. It was such a winner in both our books that I had to remind Ashley to pass it over and give me another bite as he was taking way too many to be considered ‘sharing’!!


LOBSTER SLIDER – kewpie salad, pickled carrot & daikon

Our second entrée were these very interesting Souvlakis.
Ashley actually insisted on getting these as it combined two of his favourite elements in one dish. Cha Shu and Souvlaki. And boy were they good. I don’t generally eat a lot of pork but these were tender and went incredibly well with the mildly spicy mayonnaise! I was very, very happy that there were actually two pieces as well. No sharing hehe.


CHA SHU SOUVLAKI – char grill grilled free range pork belly, cucumber, leek, sauces, thin pancakes

When the Ramen Burger showed up, it was neatly wrapped in the centre of my plate.
Jonathan  advised me not to unwrap it completely as the burger had a tendency to get very messy and fall apart! It was a very odd experience to bite in to a burger-like object to be met with noodles?! and a sweet pork belly texture. After a couple more bites, I got used to it and started really enjoying it!! It was great except for one thing…


RAMEN BURGER – ramen noodle patty “buns”with candied pork belly and miso soup

Even with Jonathan’s advice, the burger started de-constructing by itself due to all the juicy sauces softening the crunchy noodles. Although to be fair, I do tend to make normal burgers fall apart too so this might just be a “Melody has trouble eating burgers” problem haha. It didn’t really matter to me anyway as I used the wrapper as a bowl and began picking at the noodles drenched in that delicious porky sauce with my chopsticks! Still tasted great.


Our second main was the Shoyu Ramen, which came topped with lovely pieces of pork, bamboo shoots and an egg!
I picked this solely because Ash does not like spicy food (good girlfriend?!) and I think I paid the price for that. I didn’t enjoy this ramen as much as I should’ve because it was a lighter and more bland broth (which Jonathan explained to me earlier as well). I would definitely choose one of the spicy and more flavoursome ramens the next time I come here.


SHOYU RAMEN – marinated cha shu pork belly, bamboo shoots, spring onions, home brewed soy sauce

Sometime in the middle of eating our mains, Jonathan apologetically told us he had to go but insisted that we did not leave without having dessert. Who am I to say no to that?! So once we were done with our mains, a sweet Japanese lady that I never caught the name of brought out two very interesting looking desserts – the Annin Tofu and Expresso Pudding. I’m generally not a fan of tofu desserts or coffee flavoured things so I was quite unsure on them, but they turned out to be quite sweet and refreshing! There was definitely no complaints from either of us and no hassle in finishing them clean!


ALMOND TOFU -chilled sweet annin tofu & ESPRESSO PUDDING – coffee carnation milk gelee curd

After we were done, the sweet Japanese waitress and the chef both came out to thank us for coming!
We had an absolutely great time at Shizuku Ramen and am definitely making sure we make the trip to Abbotsford again just to try out the other selections offered on their menu (and to eat that lobster slider again mmm)

If you’re keen to try some great Japanese food, you should definitely check this place out! ♥

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Melludee dined as a guest of Shizuku Ramen

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