Birthday Presents 2013

Hello! OKAY. I KNOW. This is a very late blog post but I need to post it!
I received pretty amazing gifts for my 22nd last year and this blog post is a way to say thank you to my amazing friends! I have been meaning to post this for ages but I was waiting on someone and then …I just got lazy haha ♥


As this is super late and the presents are heaps amazing, I thought I’d do something a little different with this blog post (compared to my previous birthday haul posts). Instead of just posting pictures of the birthday present items, I shall also take photos of what my friends think of me based on what they gave me as a present hehe :)

Firstly, quite a number of my friends pitched in to purchase all of these amazing gifts (hover over for names!)
This present had so many aspects of things I loved – esp the wallet which is actually perfect in every way possible that I’m still using it now! But of course…what jumped out the most of this present was that gigantic box in the back…


So I guess they think I’m some crazy chocolate-loving, candy-smelling, money-hungry NERF GUN WIELDER?!
They also got me this super cool card in which they all wrote one line of a really confusing but funny story about me!!



The wonderful Cindy, Nico, Amelia and Alex all pitched in to get me Peter Alexander pyjamas and a tea cup set. Which means, the only thing I can assume they think I do is sleep all day and drink tea in those brief moments that I’m awake!?


Charleen and Ryan got me a trio of MOR beauty care products.
I guess they think that I smell bad and want me to smell more like Lychee!!


My mum actually got me a few different things that included perfume, my birthday dress and jewellery..but the main gift she gave me was this Rusk Miracurl! I guess she thinks my curling sucks normally and I need help :C


Lynn gave me this amazing box of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and accessories!
She obviously thinks I’m a fashionistaloser and don’t use enough jewellery and accessories to brighten up my ootd :P


Jennifer got me a range of beauty and make up products plus a notebook *-*
I guess she thinks my beauty skills suck and that I need a lot of help with my eyelashes and lips in particular!


Mei got me this cherry blossom handkerchief! Guess she thinks I sneeze too much LOL.


Sue got me two lovely lip products and a ice cream nail polish!
I guess she thinks that I don’t use enough lip products and need a little help!! And I like ice cream .. :P


My brother got me this cream bag (which goes nicely with the wallet!). It’s bigger than the previous bag he bought me for Christmas the year before… I guess he thinks that I carry too much shit around with me ahaaha


Lawrence gave me these clothing items very late (hence no photos of myself) so I guess he wants me to dress better D:


Now Ashley bought these gorgeous red shoes and paid for a surprise couple photoshoot ♥-♥
I’m guessing he thinks I’m pretty damn vain and that I want to be taller standing next to him HAHA (*angry*)



I hope you hovered over each of the images to hear my true thoughts about each of the presents ;)
I’m super grateful for all the presents that I received for my 22nd birthday and I feel so lucky to have such amazing people in my life! So this post is definitely my way of recognizing and thanking all you awesome people that constantly shower me with your love :’) I can’t wait to celebrate my upcoming birthday with all of you wooop! <3

♥ ♥ ♥

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