Monthly Noms: Burger Edition Part I

It seems that Melbourne (and the rest of the world??) has been infected with Burger-fever for the past year or so with many on the hunt to find that perfect burger. With newspapers popping out ‘Best Melbourne Burger’ articles and bloggers creating Burger Adventure blogs left, right and centre; it wasn’t hard for Ash and I to get sucked in to this Burgermania!

As there quite a number of burger joints to sift through, I’ll do this in a few different posts :)
Excuse for some bad quality photos as a lot of them are taken with my iPhone and the lighting may have been bad!

Classic Baby: Lamb & Wamprat Kofta, Grilled Haloumi, Energon, Funky Coleslaw and Tomato Salsa. Plus, Torgos Executive Powder & Spice Weasel Seasoned HOT CHIPS with Harissa Mayonnaise. ($13 for the meal)

As the name suggests, Baby Burger sells baby sized burgers happen to be incredibly delicious!
Apart from thinking the name was cute – although a bit cannibalistic! – we bought this on a whim at their Supanova food stand just before needing to line up to see Finn Jones as we were starving, and it was a great decision! The chips were an A+ too in our books. Unfortunately they don’t seem to have a permanent store but rather open food stands at festivals, cons and the like :( We would definitely get this again next time we see their wonderful food stand pop up!


Classic Charlie Burger: Wagyu patty, tomato, gherkins, garden leaves, aioli, Charlie’s tomato sauce with Cheddar Chess. PLUS, Parmesan & Truffle Fries ($11.90 for burger & $4.90 for fries = $16.80 // there wasn’t a combo?)

Charlie & Co’s is just one of many delicious finds that can you spot in the newly opened Emporium in the CBD!
I think my favourite part of Charlie’s burger was the bun. Apart from that, everything was pretty yum but average. We had no problems finishing off the burger in good time, but was it worth travelling to the CBD for? Maybe not? With many other delicious eateries surrounding it, there isn’t much temptation to get this again. On the other hand, their parmesan and truffle fries were a huge hit! Their unique taste was delicious and I would definitely get them again!

Fat Bobs

Jackie O Burger: 180g grass-fed beef pattie, tomato, spanish onion, fontina cheese, cos, mustard, tomato & Fat Bob’s special sauce; PLUS normal fries. ($18.50 combo)

The first thing that you’ll need to know about Fat Bobs is that the burgers here are massive.
I had a lot of problems finishing my burger with the sides. But because the burgers were just so amazingly delicious, we somehow managed to finish everything! (well I left maybe a tiny bit left but I really tried!) The burger pictured above is actually Ash’s and he still stands by his word in saying that it was the tastiest burger he had eaten to date. I actually ate the “HUMMER” which is their spicy burger which I really enjoyed too! However, they also seem to have excellent skills aside from burgers – zucchini chips. They were just so good that I still crave them! ♥


Beef burger with fried egg, bacon, lettuce, house made relish, and cheese; served with fries ($17)

We actually visited Leroy Expresso because we bought a Groupon lunch/brekky for 2 Deal for $19!
I’ve had some pretty shitty experiences with groupon/scoopon vouchers but I was pleasantly surprised with this venue! Although their burger could never go up against the top guns, it put up a pretty good fight! As always, I love these kind of buns so that was a huge highlight! The patty tasted quite nice and so did the chips! No complaints from me!


Bacon Royale: Beef, bacon, double cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, mustard, mayo & Royale sauce ($14)

The Royale Brothers is actually right by Ash’s work place making it perfectly convenient!
I’ve been there a fair few times (Ash has been there a billion times for obvious reasons) and their burgers are top notch. We’ve had a taste of their royale with cheese, bacon royale, pork jerk and grilled chicken. Yummy! Their burgers are delicious if you ignore one critical problem. The BACON. It seems that either the bacon is not cooked enough or is cooked until its black. Until they change bacon chefs, we recommend you go for the cheese royale.  No problems there! On a random note, Ash and I received free Royale Brother hats from the owner for no particular reason!

Big Boy BBQ

The Dorothy: Kansas style saucy beef brisket with pickles and coleslaw ($10.90)

Technically Big Boy BBQ calls this a ‘sandwhich’ but I think it can be considered a variation of  a burger :P
Usually we get a platter at Big Boy BBQ, but I vaguely remember saying I didn’t want to eat that much so we opted to try their sandwiches instead. If there is one thing I can say about them, it is that they do their meats really  well, so it should really be no surprise that this was jam packed with flavour! The saucy beef brisket is absolutely delicious and soaks right in to that bun mhmm. It is definitely something to try if you’re wanting to venture away from the usual beef patty burgers. 

Okay that is the end of my Burger Edition Part One! And man, I am hungry right now.
There’s still a lot more burgers to get through but that’s for another blog post ;) Please let me know if you recommend any awesome burger joints that we could try out. There’s still a few on our list to get to but we’re always happy to eat!

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