Not-So-Monthly Noms

Hi! So it has come to my attention that I …have not done a Monthly Noms post in a really long time.
For those who read my tweets sometime last year, you would’ve remembered that I tried to post the Sept-Oct Noms post but I lost all my edits after my browser crashed (why it did not save? I have no idea). Either way, I remember being sick (laryngitis) and pissed off I never posted it. And then continued not to post anything…

So, I have decided to rectify this problem (as there are too many delicious photos of food not to post!) by posting them in a series of different blog posts until I catch up to present time.  They won’t be posted in any chronological order, but rather just randomized and maybe sometimes specialized ;)! So please, sit back and prepare to salivate.


The Masterpiece @ Passionflower (City)

Scotch Eggs @ Gypsy & Pig (City)


Chicken with Plum Sauce @ Kumo Izakaya (Brunswick East)


Eggs Benedict(?) plus Hashbrowns @ LeRoy Expresso (St Kilda)


Tonkatsu Ramen @ Waya (Glen)

Aunties Dumpling

Shanghai Fried Noodles, Chicken & Prawn Dumplings, Spring Onion Pancake and Ribs @ Aunties Dumpling (Carnegie)


French Platter @ La Cassolette (City)


Open Souvlaki with Chips @ Meat Me (Oakleigh)


Fish & Chips @ Ionic (Knox Ozone)


Little Boy @ Big Boy BBQ (Caulfield South)

Paradise plus Jam donut @ Herosubs (City)

I think that should be enough procrastination for one night hehe ♥
Hopefully, I should be posting another one of these within the next week or so! If you have any recommendations of places to eat in Melbourne, please feel free to shoot me a comment and we’ll definitely check it out!


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