Menulog: Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant

Hello everyone! As all of you should know, I am a food enthusiast and I love trying new food.
But what some of you may also know, is that I actually really enjoy the comforts of my own home; so you can imagine the internal struggle I get from time to time with wanting to try new food and …staying in my pyjamas all day. (No, wearing my pyjamas at a restaurant is not a choice… even though I may have done it once *glares at Ashley)

You can imagine my excitement when I heard about Menulog, which is the perfect solution to my problem.
Menulog is pretty much the No.1 website for Online Takeaway. After putting your suburb in, it’ll generate a list of nearby restaurants that will deliver straight to your door!! Considering that when most people I know get food delivered to their home, it’s usually just PizzaHut or Dominos, I was soooo excited to try this out on some local Chinese restaurants!

After looking at a few different choices, I settled on Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant!
The food that they sold was similar to the dishes that my family and I usually order when we go out, and at such reasonable prices too! After much discussion, we decided to order 3 dishes through Menulog at about 6.35pm. About 5 minutes later, I receive a convenient text message letting me know that my expected delivery time would be at 7.24pm and a contact number if I needed to reach them. Sweeet. At about 7.05pm, my door bell rang. 

I opened the door to find a young lady holding a bag of my delicious food!! I was so stoked at how quick their delivery time was. I mean, I’ve actually waited longer for one meal to come out at a restaurant before :|

My mum and I were very thrilled to find that they knew how to package their food! The pork was stored separate from the sauce so it wouldn’t get soggy from the drive and the crispy chicken container had a nice little break in it so the chicken wouldn’t sweat! Dericious. So now all we had to do was plate them up and get our own serving of rice!!

Spicy Chicken with Salt and Pepper , Sweet & Sour Pork (in Batter) and Cantonese Style Eye Fillet Steak

All three of these dishes were delicious and still hot! The spicy chicken was still crispy and the beef was tender! Both winners in my book. But I have to say that the Sweet & Sour Pork was the definite winner for me out of the three. I don’t usually like eating pork and much prefer chicken, but this was a very delicious exception!!

We definitely had a very good experience dining with Mei Jing, and I do recommend everyone give Menulog a go next time you’re feeling too lazy to go out and too lazy to cook! (Much better than left overs or Pizzahut again.)

♥ ♥ ♥

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