Year of the Horse!

Hi Everyone! Wishing you all a Happy Lunar New Year ♥
May the Year of the Horse bring lots of good luck, health, success, prosperity and happiness to us all! <゜)))彡


As always, Chinese New Year has been a dull affair in my household as we really don’t have much family in Australia at all. But regardless, I still continue to take these silly CNY photos year after year hehe. Ahem. The only problem with these photos now is that I’m getting fat(!!!!) I’m starting to look like a little dumpling in this outfit ;A;

Anyway, life for Melody hasn’t been very interesting in the past few weeks – just very busy.
I feel like I haven’t had a moment to rest since 2014 started and I really hope this ‘tiredness’ doesn’t catch up to me!

I don’t really have much else to say in this blog post except I hope everyone ate a lot and got a lot of ang pao!!
There’s definitely a lot more things I need to blog about (including belated posts woops) but that’s all for another time ;)! Hopefully that’ll all be up and written before the next month passes woops. See you all then!! x

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